I recently got a great opportunity to photograph a baptism. My boss, Marianne, from my ‘day job’ is the one who referred me to her daughter, Julia, to photograph Martin’s big day. I had heard so much about Martin from Marianne I was thrilled for the opportunity to finally meet him. And Martin is just adorable. Even cuter than his grandmother ever described. Grandma isn’t just bias, he really is THAT cute.

It was such a great day! I got to the church a little early to scope out the surroundings for photo opportunities. As I was waiting in the back of the church for the regular church service to end I recognized Julia right away and introduced myself to her. Julia was on her way to feed Martin in a separate room of the church where we could hear the service but not be heard before the baptism started during which I was able to get a few adorable shots of him playing with his Mom.

Don't you just love his smile he is giving to his Mom?! He is such a happy baby! (cute, isn't he?)

Theses next ones were taken throughout the ceremony :

Martin was the first of three babies to be baptized. What a special moment to be able to capture

After all of the sweet babies were baptized we stayed a little longer to capture some family photos. I was warned it would be a difficult task to get everyone to cooperate but found it to actually be pleasant. I don't even think one eye was rolled. Maybe everyone was so well behaved and cooperative because I was an outsider and people tend to listen to someone they do not know (at least when photographing).

Your son is adorable, Julia! Thank you so much for the opportunity to document such an important milestone in Martin's life. I hope to see you and Martin again sometime in the near future!

Until next time...


Joseph: Class of 2012

A week and a half later but here are the photos I took of Joseph. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I had so much fun! Joseph, his Mother, and little brother Jonathan were super sweet. Hope you enjoy!

This was a pose Joseph's Mother specifically requested. I think it turned out pretty well!

Joseph looks like such a natural in this picture! Very relaxed.

For this formal shot, since we were outside, I just threw black velvet fabric I picked up at Joanna Fabric over a brick wall and had Joseph sit on the ground (he was too high in a chair). Worked out pretty nice, I'd say!

Love the ol' jacket over the shoulder look!

I loved that Joseph was having fun and being creative for his shots! Made it more fun for me.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!



First Senior Portrait Session

I had my very first Senior Portrait session this afternoon. And I could not have asked for a better experience!

I was extremely nervous, thought I might have a panic attack, as the day got closer to the time to meet with Joseph (the senior), Jonathan (13-year old brother), and Maria (mother). I have been corresponding with Maria over the last two months or so to schedule a date to photograph her son’s, Joseph, senior portraits. She heard of me from a friend of mine, her niece, from high school named Maria (we will refer to her as Maria 2). Maria sounded so nice and sweet over email but one never knows. Knowing Maria 2, who is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I know, as well as I did I kind of assumed Maria would be pleasant to work with. And boy did I assume correctly.

We got to the location site right around the same time and I knew immediately meeting Maria and her boys within in the first 30 seconds this would be an easy gig. Maria was at first a little disappointed that Joseph, who has been playing the snare drum since 4th grade, did not want to bring his drum or drum sticks to have for the photo shoot. But what can you say, boys will be boys. I first asked Joseph what he had in mind. He said, “Nothing cheesy. No hand in my hair or looking off in the distance kind of shots. Just a small stoic smile.” So nothing Edward Cullen-ish? fair enough.

Joseph was such a great sport. He was pretty much up for anything I suggested and even added his own fun twists to my ideas that made me laugh. I also got a few photos of just the brothers and of the boys with their mother. The three of them seem to have a very good relationship, which is extremely nice to see. How a man treats his mother is a very good predictor of how he will treat females in the future. I can tell both Joseph and Jonathan will both be/are very respectful men one day.

Thank you again to Maria for taking a chance on having a photographer just starting out shoot her son’s senior portraits. Thank you Joseph for being such a great model and sport, I know it was not easy. Thank you Jonathan for also being a great sport and such a help to me. And last, but certainly not least, thank you Maria 2 for recommending me to your aunt.

Until next time, I will leave you with another quote I discovered today...
“The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.” ~Author Unknown


I thought it was about time I started my photography blog…

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Alyson Cornman.  I married the love of my life and best friend, Chris, July 3, 2010.  I was born in Memphis, TN to my amazing parents Mark and Susan.  I have younger twin sisters, Cameron and Melissa, I am relatively close to despite living at least 300 miles from each other for the past five years.  I am obsessed with my family and friends.  I have a rather big extended family and am pretty close to them as well.  I would not have it any other way.  I married into a great family as well.  If it was not for my now in-laws I do not think I would still be living in the Pittsburgh area. 
I love photography, life, and nature.  I see beauty in everything and most everyone.  Chris is always complaining of my photo taking because he wants me to enjoy the moment.  In my mind, I am capturing those moments (for which I know he will be grateful for one day, right?).  I am not necessarily a religious person but I am spiritual.  I am firm believer in remaining in the present and happiness coming from within.  I consider myself politically Conservative but socially Liberal. 
I graduated from Penn State University (Beaver Campus) in 2006 with a degree in Psychology.  I have been working at Aurora Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services shortly after graduating.  I would not say I love my job but I do love my coworkers who I know I would not have stuck around for 5+ years with if I did not. 
I have always loved taking pictures.  I was that girl who always had a camera in her hand.  And I am so happy I was (maybe not for some though – oh college days;)).  I used disposable until I graduated to various generations of digital cameras.  It was not until my Dad surprised me Christmas 2009 with the Canon Rebel did I start thinking of turning my passion for photo taking into a career. 
This summer I have been given an amazing opportunity to shadow a fabulous wedding photographer, Andrew Stephan Kilpatrick, in the Pittsburgh area to get experience in wedding photography.  While it is a hard and long day I have loved every minute of it and have been soaking up anything Andy is willing to teach me.  He has been a wonderful mentor and I cannot thank him enough for being open to allowing someone without any formal photography schooling to shadow him. 
I am currently available for senior, newborn, baby, children, family, engagement, due date, maternity, I did, and trash the dress photo sessions.  If you want to see my work check out my Facebook fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/acornmanphotography.  If you or anyone you know is interested in the above mentioned photo sessions please contact me at acornmanphotography@gmail.com to inquire.  I hope to hear from you soon!
Below are a few of my favorite photos I have taken recently.  I hope you enjoy!     

Buttermilk Falls - Beaver Falls, PA.  It is amazing how many people are not aware this place exists.  If you ever have a free morning/afternoon I highly recommend making the trek out.  You can even swim in the watering hole.  

Arts Festival - State College, PA.  Chris and I decided to get away for a weekend to head up to his alma mater, Penn State, in July.  It is a popular time for current students to return and party for the weekend. Being "old" we did not partake in any of the drinking festivities but did enjoy some amazing art. 

Arts Festival - State College, PA.  These adorable kids were hiding in the shade playing a video game.  The boy (I am assuming brother) is very patiently watching the girl (I am assuming sister) play.  Very impressive. 

Arts Festival - Stage College, PA.  This was taken while Chris and I took a break from walking around to sit outside of the Starbucks on College Ave to enjoy some ice cold tea.  I think this is such an adorable photo.  I love seeing men with their children. 

Arts Festival - State College, PA.  A woman singing and playing guitar.  She had an amazing voice! 

Woods - Middle of PA.  This was taken en route to our campsite after a day at the Arts Festival.  Love the green!  

Campsite - Middle of PA.  I was busy taking photos while Chris was building a fire.  I love reflections!

I will leave you with this quote (one of my new favorites) from Michael Pritchard:
"Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed."

Until next time,