Sunday Morning

Two Sundays ago I went with husband up to one of our favorite parks in our area, Sewickley Heights Park.  Him to run with his old HS XC coaches (how cute is that by the way?!) and me to take photos.  It was a gorgeous morning with nothing but blue skies and sun.  I could have spent hours up there and would have but made myself keep track of the time so I wouldn't leave husband waiting for me at the car for too long in the cold sweaty (because isn't being sweaty AND cold the worst!?).

As much as I dislike the bare trees, I am happy the sun is out:)  

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!



I introduced y'all to this adorable furry friend a little over a month ago.  Sorry I am just now getting around to sharing more.  The holidays and just plain laziness have gotten in the way. 

Anyway, I met up with Sarg at a local park and his "Mom" one of the last weekeneds in September to photograph  Sarg as birthday gift to his "Dad" from Mom.  It was one of those unseasonably warm Fall days and the trees were at their peak.  At first Sarg is a little intimidating but after just a few minutes you see he is a big sweetie.  He loved being out in the open to gallop run around.  He was a great sport posing - with the help of treats of course - and Mom giving him orders.

Without further adieu,  

Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed photographing them! 


I'm a Belieber.

Today was the first Monday that I had to get up to an alarm clock in a long time (like since June) to only sit in front of a computer  screen for 6 hours completing awful lessons for my new job at the airlines.  Which resulted in me turning to ice cream (at least it was dairy and gluten free) and a glass of Pinot Noir.  Post Thanksgiving de-tox has already gone to hell.  

With that little rant behind me now - phew! - I have a confession I'd like to make.  As I mentioned in last week's Music Monday's post I enjoy music and have recently been drawn to Indie Rock.  That was until I finally watched... you ready for it folks???....

Never Say Never.  Yes, the Justin Bieber movie.  And I liked it.  Like a lot.  

He is, as of this moment, my new music obsession.  I think I am more embarrassed by the fact that I am not embarrassed by this.  To all my ladies (and maybe some gents) in their 20s and 30s, am I alone?  Please tell me I'm not.  

So with that, I'd like to introduce to you my new favorite Bieber tune:

Justin Bieber ft Nicki Minaj - Beauty and a Beat

You have no idea how good it feels to get this off my chest.  I appreciate you for sticking around (hopefully) to read about my temporary lack of musical taste.  I promise to be back with better and less humiliating tunes next week.

Happy Cyber Monday! 


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Yay!  It's Sunday!  And do you know what that means - well besides another Scavenger Hunt Sunday?!  New Dexter and Walking Dead episodes.  WOOT WOOT!  

We had a nice and quiet week.  We opted out of going out on Thanksgiving Eve and were very much thankful we didn't.  No hangovers this year on Thanksgiving.  That is always nice.  Instead of being miserable we got up at a decent hour, ate breakfast with the Macy's Day Parade on in the background, went for a run then hung out at husband's parents' house until dinner at his Nonna and Pop Pop's at 6.  Which was followed by - as always - very interesting post dinner conversations.  But that's for a whole new post. 

Anywayyyyyyyyy (said in Ellen's voice), on to this week's prompts: Home or Thankful, In the Kitchen, Couple, Bubbles, and Trees.  

1) Bubbles.  
This is one of the little girls I nanny for, Elizabeth.  Family and close friends call her Bits but I like to call her Bubbles as she is constantly blowing bubbles.  Isn't she adorable?! 

 2) Couple. 
Here is Bubbles' older sister Annabel with her cousin on Wednesday.  Pittsburgh had great weather this week so I made sure to get the kiddos out for some fresh air until it really starts to get cold.  Just a couple of kids hanging out. 

3) In the Kitchen. 
Most mornings begin with a cup of tea.  This morning was no different.  

 4) Thankful or Home. 
After being in the 50s and even getting to the 60s on Thursday, Pittsburgh had it's first snow yesterday.  I love the first snow.  As much as I hate the cold I am thankful snow helps me to appreciate the cold - it can be so beautiful.  

5) Trees. 
Husband and I went on a small walk Monday morning through North Park.  I love the what is left of Fall foliage in the above photo with the house in the background and the reflection of the trees and boathouse in the bottom photo.  I couldn't choose just one to share.  Can you believe these were taken with my iPhone 4 using Instagram?  

Hope everyone had a great week and an even better Thanksgiving full of love and delicious food!  Cheers to a new week and the beginning of one my favorite times of the year!  


Sneak Peek - Amelia

Yesterday afternoon I got to spend some time with a dear friend from college, her husband and her adorable little girl, Amelia.  Amelia is 21 months and already talking up a storm!  And she has the sweetest little voice.  She did such a good job listening and posing pretty much anyway we asked her.  Unheard of for most 21 month olds.  

I look forward to sharing more in the next week or two.  Just wait till you see her dress and shoes!  

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday!  


I am thankful for...

*My husband.  I am lucky to be married to a man who I seriously cannot get enough of and who makes me laugh.  He puts up with me and my many moods.  What's not to love?

*My family.  Even though I am not able to see them this Thanksgiving I am grateful they are all still alive and healthy.  

*My in-laws.  I am grateful for my second family who I am spending Thanksgiving with.  They have never once made me feel like I don't belong.

*My friends.  I am grateful to the extra girl time I get with old friends and coworkers.  Otherwise I would sometimes go insane. 

*Work.  I am grateful I get to spend 3 days a week with a 3 year old and 7 month old who never cease to make my laugh.  

*My health.  Even though I learned I have a sensitivity to dairy and gluten (I love cheese and pasta) it has forced me to try new things which has led to a much healthier diet. 

*My sight.  I am grateful I have the ability to be able to see to take photos.  

*Music.  I am grateful for WYEP and Pandora for introducing me to new music and reminding me of tunes I have forgotten I loved. 

*My home.  I am grateful to have a warm place to come home to.

*Laundry.  I am thankful for my overflowing laundry basket because that means we have plenty of clothes to wear.  

*Experiences.  I am grateful for everything I have been through to get me to where I am today.  

and much much more.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!  


Music Monday

I love discovering new music.  One of my life's missions is to discover new music that no one I know knows and share with them the greatness of what I have discovered.  I have always enjoyed a good tune.  Growing up in the south, I first liked country then my taste turned to pop then again to country.  It was not until the Garden State OST that I was introduced to indie rock and my love for this genre truly began.  

Back when it was cool to have Myspace (yes, it was once cool) I loved browsing for different artists to play on my page.  I love the feeling as though I am the one to discover the artist.  My love for great and unique music has only gotten greater as I have gotten older.  Lucky for me, husband and I share the same taste.  

While I know they are more popular now, some of my favorites are Death Cab for Cutie, Florence & The Machine, The xx, Bon Iver, Adele, The Postal Service and Mumford & Sons.  

I am very lucky to live in a city that has a radio station (WYEP) that plays the type of music I have grown to so admire, love and have a passion for.  It was WYEP that recently introduced me to my 
(and now husbands) new favorite band.  Frightened Rabbit.  They are from Scotland with a frontman who fits the image of a Scottish man singing in an indie rock band perfectly and sounds very similar to everyone's favorite Grey's Anatomy circa 2006 Snow Patrol.  

Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital 

Since "discovering" them I have been playing their Pandora radio station all weekend and cannot get enough.  Seriously.  Every song is, in my humble opinion, amaze balls.   Yes, that good.  And what a better way to end your Monday and start your holiday week than with new music to help get you through.    

I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have and do pass on the good word if you do.  But please not too much because I really don't want have to pay more than $50 to see them in concert (I know how selfish of me).  Thanks in advance:)

Cheers to another Monday gone and one day closer to the long weekend ahead of us (at least in the US)! 


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

My week was rather uneventful which is always lovely.  The calm before the Thanksgiving holiday storm.  Therefore, and without further adieu, I'll get right to this week's prompts: Vision, Strong, Buttons, Map and Favorite Fruit.

1) Buttons.
Buttons on my keyboard.  

 2) Favorite Fruit. 
I love Pomegranate.  But rarely get one since a) they are incredibly expensive and 2) a pain in the ass to open.  Well I caved when I saw them at our local and cheap grocery store ($1.79/Pomegranate - is that a deal?).  It has been sitting in my kitchen all week begging to be opened and seeded.  I finally got around to it today.  And ladies and gents, and thanks to the all knowing google machine, there is an easy and quick way to seed a Pomegranate.  I have a feeling Pomegranates will be a regular in our kitchen from now on:)

 3) Maps. 
Being that the only map we have in the house is one of Oregon I decided to photograph my favorite place my husband and I visited when we toured the state way back in 2008: Breitenbush Hot Springs

 4) Strong. 
This log is strong enough to hold me and a family of four.  

 5) Vision. 
I am beyond grateful for my vision.  Otherwise, I would miss the beauty of the sun coming through bare trees creating lovely shadows. 

WOOP!  Actually blogging a SHS on a Sunday.  

Hope everyone has had a nice and rejuvenating weekend.  I haven't been able to sleep in all weekend but have woken up refreshed regardless.  I am looking forward to this holiday week and cannot wait to stuff my face.  


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wake up

This morning I woke up at 6:35.  On a Saturday.  Unheard of.

Starting in my mid 20s I started to become a morning person.  If I ever told my 16 year old self that I as I entered my mid 20s I'd become a morning person my 16 year old self would have scoffed and said, "yeah right!"  But it's true 16 year old self, it's true.  I am a morning person and I am not really sure how it happened.  In fact 16 year old self, I enjoy being a morning person ("HAHAHAHA!" says my 16 year old self).  

While a 6:35 wake up is earlier than I'd like to get up on a Saturday - I usually get up between 7 and 8 - I'll take it to get a nice head start on my day.  Today, I have big plans for myself.  Take recycling to the Recycling Center in Brady's Run, Target for some nails to finally hang up photos, Dollar Tree for various cheap house hold needs and photograph a home for a local realtor.  Like I said, big plans. Big plans.  (My 16 year old self is starting to wonder if she becomes crazy in her mid 20s.)   

It's going to be a gorgeous weekend here again in Pittsburgh.  50s and sunny.  Can't beat that.  Happy weekend everyone.  


a day late...

Lately I have not been carrying my DSLR around with me like I used to.  That needs to change.  My remedy; start participating in Sunday Scavenger Hunt hosted by Ashley Sisk over at Ramblings & Photos again. Hoping this helps to motivate and inspire me on a weekly basis.  I have been in need of both recently.

Last weeks prompts were:  Nature, Vintage or Retro, Whimsical, Cooking and Week's Best.  Here are my interpretations (a day late)...

1) Cooking.
I do not cook or bake.  And I honestly have no interest in learning.  Luckily I have a husband who does not mind it.  Otherwise I would be most likely still be eating Pierogies and Lima Beans from the can.  However, I do make a mean oatmeal.  That is the extent of my "cooking."  

 2) Nature.
Pittsburgh had fabulous weather this weekend.  Yesterday it got up to 70!  Our last hurrah before Winter finally takes over.  I'll take it though!  Anwayyyyy, on weekends husband and I like to walk to our favorite breakfast joint in Ambridge (a suburb approximately 40 mins NW of Pittsburgh), The Maple.  We go at least once during the weekend for a cheap but delicious breakfast when we don't feel like making our own or we are out of whatever we need.  Over the Summer we got into the habit of walking  there (approximately 2 miles each way) as a way to get exercise and enjoy some fresh air.  Since it was so nice yesterday, we decided to continue with this tradition.  The above was taken on our way back.  I love when nature invades civilization. 

 3) Vintage/Retro
This is a corner shelving unit in our dining room.  It has pretty much been the only thing in my house that I have gotten around to "decorating" even though we have lived here for just over 2 years.  On the top shelf is one of my favorite antique shop finds; an old Kodak Duex and the second to bottom shelf on the right; an old camera my sister found when she was in England she gave to me for Christmas a few years ago.  It has markings on it dating back to July 21, 1896.  Pretty cool, huh?   

4) Week's Best. 
This was taken on our way to The Maple for breakfast.  I love the colors contrasted with the black of the bare trees and blue sky and how the yellow balloon is perfectly illuminated by the shining sun behind it.  

4) Whimsical.  
I love games. Yahtzee, Phase 10, Apples to Apples are some of my favorites.  This, however, may be my new favorite.  It's called Cards Against Humanity.  Similar to Apples to Apples but for a much more raunchy crowd.  Great to play while drinking with friends.  Lots of laughs will be had by all, i promise.  

Hope you have enjoyed my interpretations for the week.  I am excited to get back into SHS again.  If you do not already participate, you should!  It is a great way to share your blog with others and see other people's talent as well.  

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Hope everyone has a great week!  


Capturing My Moments

As you may know by now, I love taking photos.  Like love love.  Although I haven't been carrying my DSLR around with me as much as I would like, my iPhone is rarely not on hand.  What I love most about the iPhones are the different apps for "iphoneography."  My favorite are Instagram and Hipstamatic.  When I wake up in the morning, the second thing I check is Instagram.  I love the ability to see so many peoples' amazing photos at the tip of my fingers.  It has allowed me the opportunity to be introduced to many new photographers and to be caught up with the different crazy but fun lives of friends and family I do not see often.

If you are not familiar with Instagram, it is a free photo sharing app for both iPhone and Droid users.  What I love most about it are the different filters available to add that extra something to your photo.  If I had to pick my favorite filters they would have to be Amaro, Rise, X-Pro II and Earlybird.  Instagram is similar to Twitter in that you follow people and have followers of your own.  And like Twitter, you can use hashtags so others you do not already follow or do not follow you see your photos by clicking on the hashtag.  Sometimes the hashtagging (is that how I should say it?) can get a little out of control but it is one of the best ways to build up followers if you choose.

With that being said, I have started a little "hashtag project" of sorts.  Like I have mentioned before, what I love about photography is the ability to capture a moment allowing you to have that moment forever.  After all, my slogan is "Acornphotography: Capturing Moments One Click at a Time."  I would love to see YOUR moments.  In order to do that, use the hashtag #capturingmymoments so that I see them.  Since I started the "project" I have seen 27 awesome photos.  I want to see more.  I want to see what you are up to during the day.  There is nothing better than getting that one shot which defines your moment perfectly.

Not on Instagram?  That's fine.  Send them to me on Facebook.  My Facebook fanpage can be reached here or click the tab "'Like' on Facebook" above.  Just use the same hashtag when you add them to my page.  I hope to see your moments soon!

Before I bid you adieu, here are some of my favorites that I have seen so far:

If you are on Instagram, make sure to follow these peeps for great photos of their moments.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  And of course, I cannot leave without asking you to follow me as well (i know, shameful) at @acornphotography.

Hope everyone has had a great week.  Week is almost over then it's the weekend.  WOOT WOOT!