risky business

I am not much of a Halloween person.  I much prefer the holidays that come after but any excuse to wear a man's white collared shirt with high socks to a party and  I'll take it.  So in case you haven't already figured it out yet, and if you don't follow me on instagram yet (which you should by the way), I was Tom Cruise from Risky Business for Halloween.  I like simple costumes, preferably ones that are free, so that was how the idea to dress up as an 80s Tom Cruise came to be.  I have been Hermione for the past 3 years and I needed a change. 
He was a hippy.  See those jeans?  Yeah, those are mine.  And they are too big for him.  No, not at all depressed by that. 

a blurry action shot

My FIL, a teabag, dancing after way too many.

I was browsing Pinterest while sitting on the couch on Friday and stumbled upon this cute little idea for a veggie tray so I attempted my own to take to the party.  If I don't say so myself, I'd check this off as a Pinterest success.  The little guy was a huge hit.  The only problem was that no one wanted to eat from it. 

                              Pinterest                                                                   My take

How was your weekend?
Did you go to a Halloween party?
Did you dress up?

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call your girlfriend {sunday sounds}

I happened upon an interview with Lucy on NPR driving home from work last week.  Being that she comes from a very musical family, Mom, Suzzy Roche, one of the Roche Sisters, Dad is Loudon Wainwright, and Brother is Rufus Wainwright, (I wasn't kidding.) her journey to music and recording is a pretty neat one I think.  I love everything about this song (a Robyn Cover) and video.  I hope you enjoy as much as I do.  Happy Sunday!

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fall craving

I don't know what it's been like in your neck of the woods, but it has been such a strange October.  Just last week it was still in the 70s and sunny.  But in true Pittsburgh fashion, Fall has finally seemed to arrive in the form of chilly 40 degree temps and rain.

But as the temps drop I have been wanting to do nothing but sit on my couch, watch Harry Potter, and crochet while my Fall scented candles burn.  Of course Etsy has not helped with this new obsession. 
1 // Love of Simple - I love how big, bulky, and comfortable this one looks. 
2 // Tiny Little Memories -  I love the bright blue color of this one.  As much as I love the Fall-like colors, adding a bright pop of color just makes me happy. 
3 // Valkin Threads - a scarf plus a hood?!  Yes, please. 
4 // All Reds Antiques - The soft yellow just screams Fall, don't you think? 

1 // Puik - Even though this is knitted, I still love it.  One of my goals is to learn how to knit. 
2 // The Art of Zen Crochet - I love the button on the side! And the grey pretty much goes with anything. 
3 // Swell Amy - What is there not to love about this one?  And the fluffy ball on the top? Dying.  

I don't understand pattern quite yet but have made that one of my goals this year to learn.  I actually completed my first infinity scarf just the other day but I relied on a YouTube video to get me through it.  I originally I wanted to make it for a Christmas gift for my sister but it didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped - needs to be a little bit bigger.  Oh well, just means I have a new scarf to add to my collection.  

Which ones are your favorite?
Do you crochet?
What do you crave during the Fall months?

And what's a Friday post without a little music?  And I am pretty sure Whitney will be pretty pleased with my choice today. 

until next time
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three sixty five

Since I didn't have my big camera for a while (because I couldn't find the battery charger), and even though I was still taking a photo-a-day, I wasn't really feeling it.  Does that ever happen to you, get into sort of a funk and stop doing what makes you happy?  That was me.  And I guess it wasn't until right now that I realized that is what was happening.  Anyway, instead of boring with you almost a months worth of photos, I thought I would just share with you some of my favorites.  Many of the these were taken with my iPhone5, so sorry.

Sept 29, 2013.  Day 283 of 365. 
"PA Capitol"
This was taken while we were walking around Harrisburg the morning after a friend's wedding looking for breakfast.

Sept 30, 2013.  Day 284 of 365.
I love watching as little girlfriend gets herself comfortable once I put her down for her naps.  And yes, the two binkies are a necessity. 

Oct 1, 2013.  Day 285 of 365
"Pumpkin Patch"
The Sewickley United Methodist Church sells pumpkins every year to raise money for the church.  I walked by with little girlfriend while big girlfriend was in school. 

Oct 5, 2013.  Day 289 of 365
"Lakeview Vineyards 2"
Our last Vineyard we visited with friends while wine tasting in North East, PA.

Oct 6, 2013.  Day 290 of 365. 
"Fall Bike"
Taken with one of my favorite iPhone apps, CrossProcess, while biking the 12+mile loop of Presque Isle the day after our day of wine tasting.  

Oct 9, 2013.  Day 293 of 365. 
"Blvd Commute"
On the way to visit with my favorite Ginger 1 year old. 

Oct 12, 2013.  Day 296 of 365. 
"City Skyline"
Taken on my solo walk to see the Duck.  I just love Pittsburgh.  It really is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. 

Oct 14, 2013.  Day 298 of 365. 
"Holding On Tight"
Little girlfriend grabbing on to my leg while we played in the leaves. 

"Crisp Leaves"
I just love the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet and the smell of fresh Autumn air. 

Oct 16, 2013.  Day 300 of 365. 
"Let's Get The Fire Started"
I took my girlfriends over to their grandparents house because work was being done at their house.  While little girlfriend slept, and big girlfriend was in school, I sat by this fireplace and caught up on my favorite reads.  I miss having a fire place.  Real or not. 

Oct 17, 2013.  Day 301 of 365. 
"Sleepy Hollow"
Foggy drive to hang out with my girlfriends. 

Oct 18, 2013.  Day 302 of 365. 
"Fall Leaf"
Brilliant red leaf I found while walking in a park by our house. 

Oct 22, 2013.  Day 306 of 365. 
"Driveway Shadows" 
"Tree Lined Driveway2"
"Tree Lined Driveway"
This driveway has been begging me to pull over to take it's photo for days.  I finally did yesterday after I drop girlfriend off at school. 

Heading to the Apple Store now:(  Stupid phone hasn't been working properly.  It has been updated and I have attempted to restore it twice on my own but to no avail.  Hoping Apple techs can fix it.  And hopefully they are able to keep the photos I took on there because there is a photo from Sunday on there.  It is the only 365 I am missing right now.  So send a little prayer and/or positive vibes up to the Iphone photography and Apple gods this morning for me.  Thanks in advance.

What have you been capturing lately?
Have you ever completed a photo-a-day challenge?

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until next time
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weekend sha nay nays

My last weekend of no plans was Sept 13th.  And it doesn't look like it is going to stop.  But that's okay because I actually have an excuse to dress up this year for a Halloween party on Saturday!   

Anyway, my weekend was spent walking around a craft show in Columbiana, OH called Christmas in the Woods.  It's become a tradition with us Cornwomen.  It's a day that starts off with a healthy McDonald's breakfast and Starbucks Cafe Mocha, followed by a few hours of walking around the different craft booths (some people are just so damn talented) before we have another healthy meal of sauerkraut and hot dogs.  Luckily we spent most of the day walking around so I'd like to think we burned at least a few of the calories we ingested.  

Pretty much all of my money goes to St. Johnsbury Candles every year.  This year I only bought two though (which took some serious self control by the way!), Apple Cider & my favorite Vermont Christmas.  And the only photos I have to show are the traditional photo of the group 

and THIS guy... 
I mean, the kilt.  the sweater.  the mullet.  I just can't. 
(above two photos courtesy of my SIL's facebook)

And the weekend ended with this video. (sorry I don't know how to embed an instagram vid to blogger yet.  any help?)  But the cuteness?!  Can you hardly stand it?  Seriously made my heart smile. 

How was your weekend?
Anything crazy?

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here with me {sunday sounds}

Another song from another show I watch, The Blacklist.  Have you seen it?  Along with British accents, I have a soft spot for a good crime thriller.  Always entertaining.  Besides, I have loved Jame Spader ever since Boston Legal.   

until next time
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you're makin' me blush

While I was shakin' my groove thang a few weekends ago at a friend's wedding, I was surprised by a notification on Twitter that I had been nominated for a Sunshine Blog Award from Aimee over at Dear Harper.  I, of course, was beyond flattered as we both share a strong passion for photography and I look forward to seeing what she captures on her blog.  Thank you so much for the nomination, Aimee.  You makin' me blush, girl!  However, I am not going to pass it on because I really don't think I could ever limit my faves to only 11. So, I am going to keep this one  for myself this time if that's okay.

I had also planned on getting around to finally posting my #capturingmymoments from IG today.  I have had such a lazy month when it comes to blogging.  Sorry.  But it will be back Nov. 1, I promise!  So please keep sharing.  I love clicking on #capturingmymoments and seeing all of the new photos that y'all post.  Seriously makes my day!  And speaking of hashtags, Aimee has her own little project going on as well called #findbeautyFriday.  Even though I have been meaning to participate I keep forgetting!  I will get better about this, Aimee.  I promise:)

And since today is one of the first days it is actually starting to feel like Fall around these parts, today I am backing my thang up (well as much as you can to Bon Iver) to Perth.
Perth by Bon Iver on Grooveshark

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what the duck?

Soooo there is a giant blow up rubber ducky chillin on the Three Rivers of Pittsburgh.  I don't really get it but apparently it was a big deal in Sydney, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.  I mean what is so exciting about an oversized duck you may ask?  I wish I could tell you.  But since I was starting to feel left out from seeing all of the Facebook and Instagram posts of this duck I decided to check it out for myself on Saturday. 

I decided to make a small workout out of it so I parked where the husband used to work (and where we usually park for Steelers and Pirates game because it is free and there is no traffic to sit in when we are leaving) to make the approximate mile trek into the city on the North Shore Riverfront trail.  Since I finally found my big  camera's battery charger I brought the ole girl with me to snap photos along the way. 
Like my new camera strap?  My sister MADE it for me for my birthday!  I decided to wear it on the blue side since my shirt (which my other sister gave me!) is pink.  The other side is pink.

There it is! 

Pittsburgh city skyline 

It was a cluster f*ck of people.  And they were always getting in the way of me trying to get photos.  Some of these people have seriously traveled from all over to see this duck.  My SIL told me that she talked to people who made the drive over from Delaware, which according to google maps is a 5.5 hour trip, on a Sunday just to see it.  Still don't get it.  And I am not sure I ever will. 

"That's a big ole duck!" 

I felt pretty bad for these guys.  They are obviously used to all of the attention until the giant yellow blow up guy (or could be a girl I suppose) showed up.  Dick. 

I enjoyed my 4 mile trek to and around the city.  Even though I still don't get all of the hoopla behind the giant duck, I am glad I did.  It's like going to the top of the Statue of Liberty or the STL Arch, you get to say you did it, ya know? 

Have you heard of this duck before?
What strange things has your city had?

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