Amelia - 1st Christmas

The Sunday before Thanksgiving I spent some time with this sweet little one to photograph photos for Christmas cards.  I just love hanging out with little ones!

Amelia is the daughter of my favorite Westminster couple.  I roomed with her mother, Sara, for half my sophomore year and enjoyed (note the sarcasm) a semester of Neuroscience with her father, Josh (aka Harold).  I knew them both separately before they met and started dating.  I have loved watching their relationship grow over the years.  They are perfect for each other.  From the moment I first met Sara (first day at Westminster in my dorm room in 2001) I knew she would be such a great mother.  If you know her at all, you know she was just born to be a mother.  They both are great parents to Amelia.  You can tell by way Amelia's face lights up when either one of them is the room.

Here are a few of my personal favorites from our shoot:

Love all three of y'all!  See you soon, Sara and Amelia!

Have a great week everyone,


Fall Beauty - Economy Cemetary

I forget where I was driving home from (maybe Costco?) when I looked to my left and saw the beautiful trees in Economy Cemetery.  I have driven by there often but for the first time really noticed it.  Kinda hard not when it looked like this:

Minus the trashcan this was such a lovely path.

Hope everyone had a fantastic and stuffed Thanksgiving weekend!  



Fall Beauty - Merriman Road

Anyone who lives in Pittsburgh knows it is one of the most beautiful cities in the US to explore.  Pittsburgh in Fall is EVEN more beautiful.  Driving on back rounds, twisting and turning, up and down hills is one of my favorites things to do in the Fall here.  I drove down this winding road the morning before I took these photos to run some errands and took note of the time of day so I could come back the next day to capture Fall beauty at it's finest.  Much to Chris's dismay, we did.  And I am so happy we did.


These photos were taken on Merriman Road in Harmony.  It connects to Big Sewickley Creek.  

I love how you can see the winding road from here.  Feels like you are in a story book. 

Sun's peaking through. 

I love the sun rays coming through the trees here.

LOVE the yellow.  

Stay tuned for more Pittsburgh in Fall photos.

Have a FANTASTIC Saturday everyone!



Gareth & Family - Winner of Drawing

Sunday I was able to get together with Jennifer, the lucky winner of my drawing I had a few weeks ago, to photograph her sweet little man Gareth and the family.  I know Jennifer from Westminster.  We were fellow Psychology majors and suffered through a semester of Neuroscience classes and labs together.  Jennifer and I had lost touch after that fateful semester but I was thrilled when I saw she "liked" my Facebook fanpage and even more happy when I drew her name in the drawing.  We have been friends on Facebook for a few years now and I had known she had gotten married and had a new addition to her family.  From the photos I had already seen of Gareth I knew he would be such an easy subject to photograph.  

Definitely one of my favorites!  LOVE the shirt. 

Another favorite!

So snuggly.

Santa's little helper!  Look at those legs - love it! 

SANTA! I know him.  I KNOW HIM!

Just SO happy. 

Thank you so much Jennifer for allowing me to come into your home to photograph Gareth and your family!  It was so great to see you and catch up a little!  I hope to see you again soon.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm!