april wishes

I will... do some type of exercise for 30 hours this month.  Have y'all heard of the #1800MinuteChallenge from Erin?  If not, check it out
I will... Blog 4x per week throughout the month of April.  I would like to get on a schedule of getting posts ready ahead of time. 
I will... stick to my 13.1 training. Pretty hard to believe it is only a month away. 
I will... not allow myself more than 30 grams of sugar and 60 grams of carbs a day.  If I really want to see a difference after Erin's challenge at the end of May, I need to limit my sugar and carbohydrate intake.
I will... keep my photo a day project organized. 
I will... upload 20 photos to Society 6. 

What are your goals for the month of April?

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sun {find beauty friday}

Today I am excited to be co-hosting my second Find Beauty Friday with the wonderful Aimee from Click. Pray. Create.  Friday's are some of my favorite days for link-ups since most of them (at least the ones I like to participate in) are photography related. 

On Wednesday I was on my way to book club around 7 thinking "Shoot, it's Wednesday and I haven't gotten any photos for FBF yet, what am I going to do?"  And at that moment I looked over while waiting at a light and saw the below scene.  Boom.    

Even though the temperatures have not been cooperating, the sun blinding me at 7pm is something to celebrate.  Another reminder that warm weather is just around the corner.

What are your favorite captures from the week?
What is helping you get through these last few days of chilly temps?

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... and just because this song makes me want to dance. 

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what harry potter has taught us about fears

{this post was written back in February}
Just in case you are new around these parts, I am a huge Harry Potter fan.  I have the read the series a few times and tend to watch the movies over and over again when I need a quick fix.  Saturday was no different.  To motivate me to start (and re-start a few times in this case my scarf) I popped in The Prisoner of Azkaban (the 3rd book movie/book for you non-HP fans.  I promise I won't judge you though.).  I like background noise and since I know the movies like the back of my hand, I only need to focus on what I am doing, in this case, crocheting.  While I do enjoy the movie, I don't like it has much as the book, which is my favorite of the series.  However, there are few scenes that are important and to which I think we can all relate to in real life. 

In my old job where I lead group discussions on topics such as Anxiety and Depression I would often to turn to Prisoner of Azkaban to help with the discussion.  (I take any excuse I can to talk HP and can for hours if allowed.)  Anyway, one of the biggest culprits of Anxiety and Depression is fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of dying, fear of not being enough, fear of people, fear of [enter yours here].  We all have fears whether or not we are diagnosed with Depression or Anxiety.  And some are harder than others to overcome.  

In the wizarding world, Riddikulus is a charm used to get rid of a Boggart, which is an object that shifts itself into what the wizard facing it fears most.  There is a scene where Professor Lupin,  Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, teaches this charm to the students.  The Boggart is housed in an armoire of sorts and the only way for the Boggart to change is for the student to point their wand and say "Riddikulus" while thinking of a humorous way to look at what the Boggart transforms into.  For example, Ron's, HP's good friend (again, for you non-harry potter fans), fear is spiders so naturally the Boggart turns into a giant spider but when he points his wand and casts the spell, the giant spider is on roller skates and is slipping all over the place.  Resulting in making the giant spider look riddikulus ridiculous.  

If we chose to look at our fears differently, perhaps they wouldn't be so scary or as overwhelming, no?  If we focus on what we can control, how we perceive said fear, the better chance of overcoming that fear will be.  We have much more control over our emotions than we give ourselves credit for.  But once you realize this, it is amazing what you will be able to overcome.  

Are you a Harry Potter fan?
What would the Boggart turn into if you were standing in front of it?

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this week

I will... run when I am supposed.
I will... blog 4 times this week.
I will... respond to comments via email.
I will... stay on top of uploading my photos and keeping them organized.
I will... prepare blog posts ahead of time.

What are your goals for the week?
Any advice on how I can better keep mine?

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running necessities.

Well, today is the second day of Spring and it snowed enough this morning to cover the ground here in Pittsburgh.  Luckily, it's already gone.  I seriously do not know how much more of that white stuff I can take.

Since getting back into running the last few months, I am excited to participate again in the second link-up of Runner's Tell All over at The Lady Okie.  Today's topic is My Favorite Running Gear.
 I knew today's topic would be an easy one.  My favorite running gear is my phone and earplugs. I never leave for a run without them.  There is just something about being alone with your thoughts with good music to help keep you moving.  

What is your favorite running gear?
Do you listen to music when you run?

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pep in my step

{photo: alyson cornman photography, quote: my pinterst}

Last night the sun didn't set until past 7.  This morning, I woke to the sound of birds.  Today's high is 57.  I have never been more ready for Spring and I can't help but notice the extra pep to my step lately.  I daydream of humid runs in the rain, warm Summer nights on the back porch as I watch the sun set, and brilliant colors and green grass.  There is just something about the month of March that gives me hope that all of the above will soon be true on the regular. 

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keystone {travel tuesday}

It took me a week, but I finally feel like I am back on track.  As much as I love to be with my family and travel to beautiful parts of this country, I find myself craving routine and my space toward the end.  Please tell me I am not the only and not just getting old. 

Anyway, about Colorado. It could not have been more perfect.  We stayed in Keystone which is about a 2 hour drive West of Denver.  My Dad bought us all 4 day ski passes for Christmas that included passes to Breckenridge, Vail, and A Basin but we all decided to stick to Keystone so we could get to know the mountain.  I am glad we did because we saw some pretty incredible views.  Although the thin air didn't help, the views from above were breath taking from every viewpoint. 

My morning coffee with that view.

My first ride in a gondola 

We were so lucky to have milder temps, blue skies, and sunshine the majority of the time we skied. 


Breckenridge.  Mountains every which way. 

Another view from our bedroom window.

Hot tub not far from where we stayed.  So nice to relax in after a day on the mountains. 

Like, I said, I had such a great time but I am so happy to be back home.  We both want to go back but perhaps next time during the Summer.  As much fun as I did have skiing, I am more of a go on a long hike kinda gal so I think I will enjoy Summer in Colorado even more. 

Have you ever been to Colorado?
Do you ski?
Do you have any exciting adventures ahead?

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invisible {sunday sound}

Did you hear that u2 is coming out with a new album?  Unfortunately, I hear it is to be pushed back to next year though.  Sad face.
u2 - "invisible"

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exercise. journal. correspondence.

The last 2 weeks
run. run. actually run.  i will run. I was pretty good week 1 but did no running while in CO.  I blame it on the altitude. 
blog. i will blog 3 x this week.  i will also journal a little and be better about writing my ideas down.  i would really like to start to get a bit more organized when it comes to blogging. I did blog 3x before I left.  However, I didn't journal like I hoped while I was away but I do have some ideas. 
be present. we are meeting my family in co for a week of skiing.  i am going to be spending a week in the mountains with some of my favorite people so instead of worrying about this here blog, i am going to be present and just enjoy myself while i am there.  accomplished. 

This week:
exercise.  After a week of no physical activity, besides skiing, I need to get back into it (again!).   I would like to run or walk at least 2 miles every day this week but would be just fine if I stuck to my 13.1 training.  So happy it's March and the weather is already starting to let us know she's here.  50s and sun predicted today and tomorrow. 
journal. I will write in my journal at least 4x this week.  Doesn't matter if I have anything in particular to write about.  Maybe, just maybe, it will spark something. 
correspondence.  I will write the many Thank Yous to those who were so helpful and welcoming last week. 

How was your week?
What goals have you made for this week?

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let's go {sunday sound}

Back from a week in the mountains.  So glad to be home and back to a routine. 
Matt & Kim - "Let's Go"

until next time
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