I spent 6.5 years working in the mental health field 
getting paid (albeit very little) to give people advice.
More often than not, they didn't listen.  And that's okay.
And today, on this blog, my advice giving continues. 
Listen or not, but I do hope something makes you stop to think.  

Follow your heart despite what others tell you or say.  

Do not waste your time in an environment or relationship that makes you miserable.

Just because it is not comfortable does not necessarily mean you should not try it anyway.  

Do not let fear dictate the decisions you make in your life. 

When you make positive changes in your life, everything else just seems to start to fall into place.  I guarantee it. 

Being comfortable is not always a good thing. 

When in doubt, smile.  It is contagious.

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This has absolutely nothing to do with this post but you're welcome nonetheless.  

Turning 30 is so much better than turning 20.  

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  1. good advice! all so essential! And I def practice the when in doubt just smile rule. It's helped me a ton of times, haha!

  2. I relate to every single one of these.

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    1. Thanks! And thank you stopping by:)

  4. new follower, nice to meet you!
    that t-rex made my day, really!


    1. Hi, nice to meet you too! Thank you for stopping by:) Now I know about you. Look forward to checking out your space.

      And doesn't T-rex make you laugh? I love all of those meems with him in it!

  5. Alyson, these are such valuable words ...if only people had enough courage to follow these ;-) Love your space here:-) following you with bloglovin:-)

    1. Yes! But sometimes I have to remind myself to do the same:)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! It is always nice to know people are reading:) I'm heading over to check out your space now.

      Hope you have a good weekend!


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