Oh Sandy

How I prepped for Sandy.... 

First things first - I glass (or two) of Shiraz!

"Raindrops are fallin on my head"

Comfort food!

Browsed the Pottery Barn catalog as if I can actually afford to buy anything in it.  

Watched the storm as it approached the coast

Hipstamatic multi-exposure feature
While Pittsburgh got a lot of rain, it was nothing compared (at least that I have heard) to what they were predicting to happen.  But I must admit it has been nice to have two days in a row off to catch up on house cleaning and to start a new crocheting project:)  

Happy Halloween (even though trick-or-treating isn't until Saturday)!!!  

Hope everyone who truly is affected by this storm is staying safe, warm and dry.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you all! 


Fall Foliage

As much as I love warm weather and have a hard time accepting the reality that it gets cold in Pittsburgh I am reminded every year how much I do love the change of seasons.  How couldn't I with sites like this on daily drives and regular walks?  Below are some of my favorite Fall Foliage photos I have taken this year.  

As we quickly approach fall back and the colorful leaves fall to the earth I am grateful I often had my camera in tow.  

The 'burbs of Pittsburgh surprise me every year and remind me of how much I really do love (this may be harder to repeat come January and February) living here.  Continuing to find surprises around the corner even after 15 years is truly humbling.  


Sarge - Sneak Peek

Last Saturday I met up with a friend of mine to photograph her dog, Sarge, at Economy Park.  It was a beautiful Fall early afternoon to shoot with the leaves being the perfect colors.  Sarge loved being free to roam.  He was great!

It was really hard for me to choose just one for the sneak peak!  Seriously.  I cannot wait to share the rest of them with y'all in the next few weeks.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  



Ava turns 1!

I know I  promised to post this a week or two ago but life just seemed to get in the way.  Sorry!  However, I do think this cute little one is worth the wait.  Seriously ADORBS!  She has such a great smile and those curls!  To die for:)  I had such a fun time photographing Ava.  Not a bad way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon. 



Fall Pinsperation

Every year I fight the idea that fall is coming.  I am not a cold person and although the cold really doesn't come until mid October/early November-ish, I just know it's around the corner.  I fight it until I am reminded of how beautiful Fall is.

These are just a few of my favorite photos I recently found and pinned on Pinterest (I WISH these were mine).  Some great inspiration and reminders to take my camera where ever I go and to accept what I cannot change... because it truly is beautiful.