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Monday mornings were never my thing.  Shocking, I know.  When I worked at my old job, come Sunday morning, and sometimes Saturday nights, I would begin dreading Monday and the start of yet another work week.  

The same is no longer true.  I spend Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays hanging out with the most adorable 20 month old and 5 year old.  I laugh every single day.  Come Monday morning, I miss them so much that I actually wake up excited for my day.  
I mean, with views like this, how could I ever hate Mondays anymore?

I am beyond grateful to a supportive husband who encouraged me to just quit and the opportunity to get the chance to be a part of these little girls' lives on a weekly basis.  I cannot imagine doing anything else.  

What do you do for a living?
Are Mondays hard for you?
What moments did you capture this week?

and because i am feeling nostalgic... 
Penny & Me by Hanson on Grooveshark

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shoop shoop shoop

^the sound of me skiing down the mountain
On Friday, the husband and I fly out to CO to meet up with my family and his (for a few days) to ski.  I have not skied out West since I learned how to ski when I was 12 and have not skied in at least 5 years. Soooo, next week shall be interesting.  Lucky for me though, I have a massage therapist for a husband.
{found photo from the Keystone Resort website}

Even though I am incredibly tired of snow, I am very much looking forward to a change of scenery and fresh, crisp air with some of my favorite people. 

Do you have any exciting trips coming up?
Do you ski?

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run. blog. be present.

A few weeks ago:
run.  keep to my 13.1 training.   horrible. 
crochet. finish my infinity scarf. zilch
social.  make plans with girlfriends and old co-workers. nope
society6.  add at least 5 photos at a time to my society6 page.   I have added a few new ones.  Check them out if you are interested. 
health. eat healthy, up the vitamin c, and get good sleep.  I have been keeping up with my vitamin c.  lemon water all day every day. 

The next two weeks:
run. run. actually run.  i will run. 
blog. i will blog 3 x this week.  i will also journal a little and be better about writing my ideas down.  i would really like to start to get a bit more organized when it comes to blogging. 
be present. we are meeting my family in co for a week of skiing.  i am going to be spending a week in the mountains with some of my favorite people so instead of worrying about this here blog, i am going to be present and just enjoy myself while i am there. 

What are your goals for the week?
Anything exciting going on?

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runnin' {in my best forest gump}

Today's post is inspired by Amanda's "Runner's Tell All" monthly link-up.  Today's topic is My Running Story in 250 Words.  For more information go here for the monthly topics and possible sponsorship opportunities. 
Me with my first race number. 

My running story begins like most love stories, girl meets boy. 

 Boy is a runner, Girl is not.  Girl wants to lose those extra few pounds she gained in college, Boy suggests running.  

I was once told that if I wanted to get in good running shape, I would have to run fast.  This idea lead to my strong dislike for the sport so I never considered it as an option.  Boy convinced me the opposite was true so I started from the very beginning; running for a minute or 2 then walking a minute or 2. So on and so on.  As I noticed the lbs coming off and how good it made me feel, I decided to tackle my first race, a 5k.  I was just happy to not finish in last place.  

Thanks to the runner's high from the 5k, I decided to train for a half marathon - Chicago in 2008.  I spent that Summer training and surprising myself I actually enjoyed running.  Boy and I completed the half marathon together.  I was ecstatic even though I could barely walk for the next few days. 

I completed another half marathon and a handful of 5ks over the last 6 years.  While Boy and my relationship has remained strong, unfortunately the same cannot be said for Running and me.  However, I am beginning to rebuild that relationship again.  Slowly but surely.

Are you a runner?
How did get you started?
What is the longest distance you have ever ran?

and because this song never gets old... 
Blurred Lines (feat. T.I. and Pharrell Williams) by Robin Thicke on Grooveshark

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scenes from the weekend

We ventured to Cleveland, OH in hopes of a buying me a used car.  The used car didn't work out but luckily I have family who live in the area so we stayed the night with them.  Went spent Saturday night catching up, eating Mexican, and drinking a few glasses of wine.  Wouldn't ask for a better way to spend my Saturday night.

We woke up to a familiar site, snow.  Even though I am awfully sick of snow, it sure is beautiful.  After an amazing breakfast (with grits) and lunch, the husband and I headed down to the very frozen Lake Erie for a few photos.  Unfortunately, neither one of us were appropriately dressed for more than 10 minutes of walking on the frozen lake.  It sure was incredible though. 
view from my aunt and uncle's screened-in porch window

lake erie. completely frozen for as far as the eye can see. 

panorama from my phone

see, inappropriately dressed. 

you can't even tell where the lake stops and the sky begins. 

these steps were much easier to get up than they were to get down. 

lighthouse overlooking the lake 

a welcomed indication we are about to cross into PA. 

It was such a nice night to be with family.  I am very lucky to have family so close by. 

How was your weekend?
What's your weather like?
Getting a lot of snow?

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I have been participating in a 365 photo project on Instagram (username: acornmanphoto365) since the New Year and Wednesday's prompt was red.  And knowing I was passing this barn on my way to work I knew exactly what I wanted to capture for the day's prompt.  
I know, I know.  Just another snow scene.  But this one has a red barn and clear blue skies.  I am not sure about you, but we don't see the above (especially clear blue sky) around these parts much.  

What did you capture this week?
What's the weather been like?

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throwback tunesday tuesday

^^I think throwback tunesday tuesday should become a thing. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was looking for a charger base (or what do you call those things you plug the cord into?) to plug my new charger cord into, and I came across 2 big, bulky, and white iPods (both my husbands).  Yes, iPods.  So, I did what any normal human being would do, I plugged them both in to check out the songs he was jamming to.  Unfortunately, neither of them worked but I am sure I can guess what were on them:
{all images from Google images}

1 // This song by The Killers.
2 // Any song (but definitely this one) on Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue album.
3 // Any number of songs by Jimmy Eat World but more specifically this song.
4 // Some good ole fashioned Goo Goo Dolls, like Iris.  Afterall, it was his ringtone. 
5 // A personal favorite of mine as well, Fix You by Coldplay
6 // Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz
7 // Blue October that he discovered on MySpace
8 // And speaking of MySpace, I know for a fact this song was his profile song for a while.  Who doesn't love Jared Leto?  I certainly do.
9 // In the End by Linkin Park to take him back to his Cross Country and Track days
10 // Last but not least, anything, but more specifically this one, by Outkast. 

What would you find on an old iPod?
What about your significant others?

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once upon a dream {sunday sound}

I was first introduced to this trailer by As Mom Sees It.  Not only does Maleficent star my girl crush, Angelina Jolie (who I think is perfect for role by the way), Lana Del Rey's version of Once Upon a Dream is chilling. 
Soooo, what do you think?

until next time
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short & sweet

I keeping it short and sweet today, y'all!  I have had quite the unproductive week.  Lack of sleep because of this silly cold has really had me pretty exhausted at the end of the day.  

However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this beauty with you.  I actually got up when my alarm went off this morning (mainly because it was plugged in across the room) so I was able to spend some time with the husband before he left for yoga.  I happened to look outside to see this gorgeous sky.  As sick of the snow as I am, I couldn't help but keep the snow covered rooftops in the shot.  Adds a little extra something to the story, don't you think?
It's sights like this that make getting up at 7am so worth it. 

How has your week been?
Are you a morning person?
What moments did you capture this week?

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2014 playlist (so far)

Melyssa from The Nectar Collective has come up with 23 prompts to encourage bloggers to get creative and to share with each other.  Today's prompt is to create a playlist of new music.  You can read my first prompt here
{all images from Google Images}
I love music.  My tastes ranges from Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake to The Decemberists and Death Cab to Bloc Party and Phoenix.  And discovering new favorites makes my heart sing.  To say I am excited for this prompt is such an understatement.  So, without further adieu, below are links to some of my new-to-me favorites of 2014 (so far).  

1 // Pumpin' Blood by NoNoNo
2 // Congo by Bear Mountain
3 // Muse by The Wood Brothers
4 // Seconds by Ghost Loft
5 // Leaves Fall by Mansions on the Moon
6 // Oceans by Coasts
7 // So Close by Kidnap Kid
8 // Under by Aosoon
9 // Dark Star by Jaymes Young
10 // Dance Yrself Clean by MSMR
11 // Hope by Kopecky Family Band
12 // Let Go by RAC ft Kele, MNDR
12 // Julian by Say Lou Lou

I have loads more on my playlist but I didn't want to overwhelm you with it all.  Hope you enjoy:)

What's your favorite music?
Any recent discoveries you would like to share?

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run. crochet. social. society6. health.

Last week:
run. keep to my 13.1 training. besides running 5 miles yesterday, I didn't run once last week.  
organize. upload my 365 photos and photos to Society.  accomplished. 

This week:
run.  keep to my 13.1 training.  third time's a charm, right?!  (hopefully)
crochet. finish my infinity scarf.
social.  make plans with girlfriends and old co-workers.
society6.  add at least 5 photos a time to my society6 page.  have you seen the new clocks they added?  LOVE. 
health. I didn't sleep well last night and feel a hint of a cold coming on.  I think the 5 miles in the cold and wet, and on top of not running for 2 weeks, really did it to me.  I need to make sure I eat healthy, up the vitamin c, and get good sleep. 

What goals have you set for yourself?
How did you do last week?

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until next time
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