I recently got a great opportunity to photograph a baptism. My boss, Marianne, from my ‘day job’ is the one who referred me to her daughter, Julia, to photograph Martin’s big day. I had heard so much about Martin from Marianne I was thrilled for the opportunity to finally meet him. And Martin is just adorable. Even cuter than his grandmother ever described. Grandma isn’t just bias, he really is THAT cute.

It was such a great day! I got to the church a little early to scope out the surroundings for photo opportunities. As I was waiting in the back of the church for the regular church service to end I recognized Julia right away and introduced myself to her. Julia was on her way to feed Martin in a separate room of the church where we could hear the service but not be heard before the baptism started during which I was able to get a few adorable shots of him playing with his Mom.

Don't you just love his smile he is giving to his Mom?! He is such a happy baby! (cute, isn't he?)

Theses next ones were taken throughout the ceremony :

Martin was the first of three babies to be baptized. What a special moment to be able to capture

After all of the sweet babies were baptized we stayed a little longer to capture some family photos. I was warned it would be a difficult task to get everyone to cooperate but found it to actually be pleasant. I don't even think one eye was rolled. Maybe everyone was so well behaved and cooperative because I was an outsider and people tend to listen to someone they do not know (at least when photographing).

Your son is adorable, Julia! Thank you so much for the opportunity to document such an important milestone in Martin's life. I hope to see you and Martin again sometime in the near future!

Until next time...

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