Scavenger Hunt Tuesday

Late AGAIN!  Arg.  Thank you Ashley for allowing participants to upload photos until Tuesday.  Much appreciated:)

1. People
With the gorgeous weather my coworkers and I have been looking for any excuse to get out during the day.  Last Wednesday during Social Skills group, the group went for a walk.  On our walks I have been asking the group if they see anything that may help define who they are or where they have been in their recovery.  It's been quite successful and many have said how nice it is to see things differently.  As we were heading back to the office I noticed our shadows.  Everyone was very sweet to put up with my idea to photograph "Love" in our shadows.  I think they even had a little fun:)

2. Nature's Own
Nature's way to let us know Spring is here/on her way.  And that makes me one HAPPY girl! 

 3. Photographer's Choice
A black and white photo with light flare.  

 4. Quote or Word
"It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." 
As I may have mentioned before, I am huge Harry Potter fan.  Dumbledore, the headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry for those of who do not know, is a very wise man and throughout the series has a lot of good quotes.  And I love quotes.  I recently hung this one up in the group rooms.  I'll take any excuse to use/talk/discuss Harry Potter I can get.  

 5. Vintage

My mother's ring she gave to me after I got married.  It was given to her when she graduated from High School from her parents.  I rarely wear but like to open my jewelry box every once in a while just to look at it:) 

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope everyone had a safe and lovely St. Patrick's Day (post to come soon)! 


Another Sunday Scavenger Hunt on Monday

I know I said I would try to share my Sunday Scavenger Hunt photos with y'all on Sunday but here it is another Monday and I am just getting to sharing them.  I blame such behavior on travel and hangovers.  Unfortunately, next week won't be any better as we are heading to Chicago for St. Pattys (they dye the river green!) this weekend and are not returning until Monday.  The week after I will try better.  Promise:)

1. Light
Last week I got up a little earlier and was able to head to Beaver 45 minutes before I had to work to enjoy a morning walk around town.  This is one of the lucky captures I got.  My back was turned to these guys trying to get another photograph until I noticed their screeches.  I turned just in time to get them taking off with the sun behind them.  I love their silhouettes and the reflection of the light on the water. 

2. Animal
These are the same little guys from above.  I followed them on their take off using fast shutter to capture each movement.  I love their reflections in the water. 

 3. Crowded
My treat on weekends.  A bowl of oatmeal topped with frozen berries and walnuts.  Quite the crowded bowl, huh?  Crowded deliciousness:)

 4. Chocolate
Our new addiction.  Dark Chocolate.  I'm talkin the 85% to 90% dark chocolate kind.  YUM!!!

5. Water
Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day and Chris and I spent the afternoon listening to music enjoying the sun on our faces.  My water bottle is the one on the right (the cuter and nicer looking one).  A must have when nursing the above mentioned hangover.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend and not too tired from the time change!  


Snowy Monday

I know I've been saying it has been rather mild Winter but in true Pittsburgh fashion, March decided that we hadn't had enough snow this year so she decided to dump a bunch on Monday.  Personally, I am rather sick of the bare trees so the snow was a beautiful change of scenery.  I was a little early heading into work Monday morning so I pulled over to one of my favorite spots about a block from where I work to capture these snowy photos.  Which one is your favorite?

view from inside my car
Pretty crazy to think this was Pittsburgh's Monday considering I just got in from spending an hour out back on the hammock!  The one nice thing about snow in March is that it does not last long:)


Lillian Danielle - Sneak Peek

On Saturday I drove to Cleveland to meet this sweet and adorable one month old little girl, Lillian Danielle.  Lillian's arrival was highly anticipated as I work with her Aunt.  I was so excited to meet her although I felt I already had with the bazillion (okay not bazillion but maybe millions? hehe) photos her Aunt has shared with us at work.  I also got to spend time with Lillian's Mom and Dad in their beautiful home.  Thank you both for inviting me into your home to photograph your sweet little girl.  I had so much fun!

Isn't she just PRECIOUS?!?

Stay tuned for more from her shoot in the next few weeks!  


another week down

My, did last week fly!  It brought March (and hope), a photo shoot and one-on-one time with family (with A LOT of wine) in Cleveland.  I cannot believe it is already Monday again.  This week I'm looking forward to photo editing! One of my favorite things to do:) Sneak peak will be here soon!

I had so much fun with the first one, I decided to participate again in Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  And I think I'm going to keep doing it.  It's way too much fun for me and really challenges me to be creative.

1. Routine
Chris is back at it again.  He is training for his second triathlon.  Most nights he bikes on the stationary bike while we watch an episode of 24 season 2 together (me on the couch with a glass of wine).  

2. Mismatch
Shoes/socks of a client.  She always has on a different pair of socks with different colored laces.  

 3. Music
Music to my ears.  The sound of a wind chimes blowing in the wind.  

 4. My Style
I got these shoes on my trip to California in October.  I have been dying for a pair for a while.  They are the most comfortable shoes.  Not only do I love the looks of them but the story behind Toms is my kinda style.  I get a cute pair of shoes while a child in need of shoes get a pair just because I purchased  them:)  

5. Technology
I got Chris the Kindle Fire for Valentine's Day.  This is what he looks like in bed (as I lay next to him on my iPhone and search the web).  Aren't we so romantic?  

I look forward to next week's challenges.  This time I will try to actually share it on a Sunday.  


LenProToGo's Weekly Challenge last week was Abstract.  I had loads of ideas for this one but settled on this painting hanging in our kitchen:

This was my Grandmother's painting.  It has always been my favorite of her collection.  I love the colors.  So retro (which matched her home perfectly)!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Cheers to it being Monday (almost Tuesday now)!  


Beautiful Skies

I love the sky. Sunrise, day time, cloudy, sunny, sunset, whenever.  It is always changing and it is often a reminder to me that no matter what life goes on even though I sometimes I wish time would slow down just a little.  Our deck out back is one my favorite places to watch the sunset.  Being that it is winter and all I haven't really been outside to catch many recent sunsets.  This past week, on Monday I believe, I was doing the dishes and happened to look up to see the most gorgeous sunset I have seen in a while. 

I love the clouds and the color contrast from yellowish orange to blue.  

As soon as Chris got home, I asked him if he had seen the sunset at all?  He had and said it reminded him of Independence Day.  Haha.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  You know when the alien's space ship comes through the clouds/smoke?  Yes?   

Just in case here's a little video for those of you who need a little reminder (around minute 1:19).  

(And I totally forgot about Jamie Lee Curtis' cameo!  "I hope they bring back Elvis!")

I work from 7:30-3:30 so I need to leave my house around 7:15.  As anyone who knows Beaver County and the Ohio River Boulevard (I know Jocey knows what I'm talking about) knows it is not the most scenic commute.  Mostly industrial.  To add to that, I am driving with the sun behind me.  But, If I look in my review mirror I sometimes I get a glimpse of the rising sun.  

However, there is a positive (there is always a positive if you look long enough) to my commute deeper into Beaver County!  Living in the City of Bridges I am surrounded by bridges on my commute and love the reflections of the bridges on the river.  Especially on a cold cold winter day when the water is so calm that it almost looks like glass.  This morning I left the house a little early and was able to detour into Rochester for a quick photo session with the rising sun.  I love the colors.  

One of my favorite things about photographing the sky is that is never the same.  A gorgeous sunset or sunrise can really really humble you.  

Do you have a favorite time to photograph?  Do you prefer sunsets over sunrises or vice versa?  


friday photo dump: 

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  I have a photo shoot tomorrow morning in Cleveland with an adorable one month old baby girl (I mean why else would I go to Cleveland?)! Can.  Not.  Wait. 


Sandtana Senior Session

A few weeks ago I was given an opportunity to shoot Sandtana's Senior Portraits.  It was my first photo shoot of 2012 (and WOW I have missed shooting portraits).  Sandtana is a senior at Beaver Falls High School in Beaver Falls, PA.  While we talked throughout the shoot I learned she has a lot of interests and hopes to work with people one day.  She is such a sweet girl and great to work with.  I seriously see this girl going somewhere in life. 

I met Sandtana the day of the shoot.  She is a rather shy girl until I started talking to her and she opened up a little.  I had asked Sandtana if she had any poses in mind she wanted to do.  She kept saying, "Not really.  I'm not very photogenic."  Seeing her smile while she talked with me I knew that last statement was not true.  Once she got more comfortable in front of the camera she was all America's Next Top Model and busting out poses left and right!  I would give her some direction and she would just go from there.  I kept asking if she had ever modeled before.  Sandtana maintained throughout the entire afternoon that she had not.  The verdict is still out on whether or not I believe her ;)

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.  

This one is my favorite!  Doesn't she have the most beautiful smile?  And she said she wasn't photogenic.  Ha!  

America's Next Top Model for sure! 

I love reflections and was so thrilled to get this (how dorky am I to be excited about a reflection?)! 

What about you?  Do you believe she has NO modeling experience?  Yeah, I don't either (but shhhh)... 

It was so great to meet you Sandtana!  I had so much fun spending the afternoon with you.  You are such a great girl and wish you the best of luck in the next stage of your life!