Christmas in da 'Burgh. N'at.

One of my fondest memories of childhood during Christmas time was piling in the car with my family in our PJs driving around where ever we lived at the time (Birmingham, Memphis, Mobile) to look at the different Christmas lights.  In fact, I remember one year my dad voted in some kind of competition.  I am not really sure what city we were living in at the time but I do remember him asking me and sisters what our favorites were.  Amazing what memories stick with you, huh?  Anyway, the love of Christmas lights has stuck with me.  I love driving at night and seeing the different light displays (of course some better than others).  It just makes me happy :)

I have been trying to convince Chris for the past five years to drive around with me to look at lights.  And every year he has laughed at me.  Except for this year.  When I told him I wanted to go downtown to see the Christmas lights he said, "okay."  After the initial shock of his answer I asked him what changed his mind - he said, "my heart has grown a few more sizes this year" hehe.  I am not quite sure what it has been about this holiday season but I have felt very home sick and being able to capture a little bit of my childhood with him this year has helped.

Here are a few of the photos I took while I was down there.  We did not spend as much time as I had hoped as it was the first really cold day/night this season and were both not prepared.  Plus, we had to get back to watch Elf and Love Actually (holiday favorites) with good friends Timmy and Martin.

 It has become a tradition to have ice skating open to the public during the holidays for ice skaters to skate around the Christmas tree in Market Square.  Kinda like Rockefeller.  Kinda :)

 I have been dying to try bokeh photography.  This was my result.  Not what I had in mind.  Regardless, I still do like it. 
For this photo I hoped to get something similar to this photo of the Eiffel Tower!  Again, not what I had in mind.  But I still do love the colors.  

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my photos.  I hope you enjoyed them.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!



Fall Beauty - Sewickley Heights Park

One of my favorite things about Pittsburgh and it's surrounding suburbs are the beautiful parks.  Sewickley Hieghts Park is probably my favorite.  It is a beautiful year round and is always enjoyed by runners, walkers and their pets.  The hardest part about photographing in the park is getting a photo without someone in the shot.

My husband and I went for a walk on a early November afternoon after learning Chris's high school alma malter's boys cross country team won States for the first time.  Chris was feeling nastaligic as he has spent many years racing in this park.

Here are some of the photos I was available to snap during our walk/hike (it's not fair to keep the beauty to myself):  

(The first three photos are taken on our drive to the Park.  I love fences)

 This is where the Park pictures start :)

I hope you enjoyed!  I just love the colors!

Hope everyone is staying warm!