About Me

I am southern belle at heart trying to survive the cold winters of the north for the past 20 years NW of Pittsburgh, PA.  I work part-time as a nanny and I love every day I get to spend with my favorite 5 and 2 year old.  

I am married to the love of my life who happens to also be my best friend.  We laugh a lot and often at each other. 

I love the color pink.  The hotter the pink the better.

I am addicted to Essie nail polish (even though I really cannot afford to be), TV show marathons, wine and cider, great books and discovering new music.

When I say I love Harry Potter I really mean it.  Everything and anything about him.  Yes, I like to pretend he is real.  

I love my family more than words could express.  However that is subject to change after spending more than 5 days together.  Things can then get ugly.

I feel fancy when I eat with chop sticks. 

I am a woman who recently entered her third decade and determined to have her best decade yet. 

Welcome to my “new and improved” blog.  Once a blog of most things photography.  Now one of photography + more random ramblings.  While I still love taking photos I’d like to pursue my newly discovered love for writing in addition to my photography.  So, please pull up a seat, stay a while and grab a beer/winer/cider/milk (whatever your poison may be) as I randomly ramble on whatever my mind chooses to at the moment. 

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