When I decided to take a break in December from Starting Over at the Dirty 30, I had every intention of spending the time off figuring out where I wanted go with this space.  What I did not plan on was not missing it.  Since transferring this blog from most things photography to what it has become, my heart just hasn't been in it.  I was posting just to post and was rarely proud of what it was I was saying.  I am not a wordsmith, nor will I ever be.  And I need to stop pretending that I am.

While I may have been absent here, I have been enjoying getting back into why I started blogging to begin with, to share my every day moments over at Alyson Cornman Photography.  So, with that being said, in 2015 I will say good-bye to Starting Over at the Dirty 30.  I will be posting on ACP from now on.  I may not be posting as often but I will be sharing content with you that I will hopefully be proud of.

So, I invite you to please join me over at ACP and follow along as I capture the world as I see it.  Thank you so much for following along over the past year + a half-ish.  Because of this blog and you, I know where I would like to take ACP in 2015.  Thank you again.  Hope to see you on the flip side...

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