Fall Beauty - Merriman Road

Anyone who lives in Pittsburgh knows it is one of the most beautiful cities in the US to explore.  Pittsburgh in Fall is EVEN more beautiful.  Driving on back rounds, twisting and turning, up and down hills is one of my favorites things to do in the Fall here.  I drove down this winding road the morning before I took these photos to run some errands and took note of the time of day so I could come back the next day to capture Fall beauty at it's finest.  Much to Chris's dismay, we did.  And I am so happy we did.


These photos were taken on Merriman Road in Harmony.  It connects to Big Sewickley Creek.  

I love how you can see the winding road from here.  Feels like you are in a story book. 

Sun's peaking through. 

I love the sun rays coming through the trees here.

LOVE the yellow.  

Stay tuned for more Pittsburgh in Fall photos.

Have a FANTASTIC Saturday everyone!


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