Fall Foliage

As much as I love warm weather and have a hard time accepting the reality that it gets cold in Pittsburgh I am reminded every year how much I do love the change of seasons.  How couldn't I with sites like this on daily drives and regular walks?  Below are some of my favorite Fall Foliage photos I have taken this year.  

As we quickly approach fall back and the colorful leaves fall to the earth I am grateful I often had my camera in tow.  

The 'burbs of Pittsburgh surprise me every year and remind me of how much I really do love (this may be harder to repeat come January and February) living here.  Continuing to find surprises around the corner even after 15 years is truly humbling.  


  1. Beautiful! I was enjoying the fall colors in Pittsburgh this weekend too-reminded me how much I love that town! :)

    1. Hey Liz! Thanks for the comment:) Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas really are beautiful this time of year!


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