Oh Sandy

How I prepped for Sandy.... 

First things first - I glass (or two) of Shiraz!

"Raindrops are fallin on my head"

Comfort food!

Browsed the Pottery Barn catalog as if I can actually afford to buy anything in it.  

Watched the storm as it approached the coast

Hipstamatic multi-exposure feature
While Pittsburgh got a lot of rain, it was nothing compared (at least that I have heard) to what they were predicting to happen.  But I must admit it has been nice to have two days in a row off to catch up on house cleaning and to start a new crocheting project:)  

Happy Halloween (even though trick-or-treating isn't until Saturday)!!!  

Hope everyone who truly is affected by this storm is staying safe, warm and dry.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you all! 

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