Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1) Smile.
Husband and I watched a good friend of ours little boy.  He was so good for us.  He only cried once and it was only because I put him in the jumper and he didn't want to be put there.  Trying to keep him entertained I stood him up at the window to look out.  He had so much fun.  I had Chris hold him so I could go outside to get some photos from the front yard.  

2. Shadow
Husband working hard to mow the lawn before our first open house today.  When I showed him this picture he said, "Look at those strong, beastly legs."  Ha! 

 3. Fish
Because we had to be out of the house between 1 and 3 for the open house, husband and I went to a local park and relaxed in the sun.  To cool off I went down to the creek and got some pictures of these little fishies.  Can you seem them?  They are kinda hard to see. 

 4. Unedited (SOOC)
Zoomed in photo of the ripples in the creek.  

 5. Keys
My house and work keys hanging up by the front door.  

Happy to post Scavenger Hunt photos on an actual Sunday.  Finally!  Hope everyone has had a nice Sunday.  It was a gorgeous day in Pittsburgh.  My favorite time of the year!:) 

What did you photograph this weekend?


  1. ohhh... that creek looks so refreshing. I'm stuck inside de-cluttering a closet & sweating up a storm. Did you have any people come to the Open House?

    1. Creek was a little chilly but nice place to dip my toes in to cool off for a bit! Hope your house is now de-cluttered so you are able to enjoy this weekend outdoors. And thanks for asking about the Open House. No one came over but our nosy neighbors! How dare them! Had someone look yesterday though:)

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! :)

  2. Replies
    1. hahaha thanks! Not much to them. I clearly need to go through them because I honestly have no idea what half of them are for!

  3. What a nice set. I LOVE the ripples shot. Hope you had a successful open house!

  4. Oh, that smile is precioius!! I love the SOOC shot! I love the light in the ripples

    1. Isn't he just the sweetest? He had so much fun banging against the window. Way more fun than either my husband or I had. What a workout. Haha

      The SOOC reminds me of a painting my grandmother used to have hanging up in her home.

      Thanks for the sweet comment!

  5. SMiley face is stealing the show :)

  6. Wonderful interpretations!
    Well done :-D

    1. Thank you so much and thank you also for the add! I look forward to reading your blog as well:)

  7. I love that smile shot - so sweet.


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