what harry potter has taught us about fears

{this post was written back in February}
Just in case you are new around these parts, I am a huge Harry Potter fan.  I have the read the series a few times and tend to watch the movies over and over again when I need a quick fix.  Saturday was no different.  To motivate me to start (and re-start a few times in this case my scarf) I popped in The Prisoner of Azkaban (the 3rd book movie/book for you non-HP fans.  I promise I won't judge you though.).  I like background noise and since I know the movies like the back of my hand, I only need to focus on what I am doing, in this case, crocheting.  While I do enjoy the movie, I don't like it has much as the book, which is my favorite of the series.  However, there are few scenes that are important and to which I think we can all relate to in real life. 

In my old job where I lead group discussions on topics such as Anxiety and Depression I would often to turn to Prisoner of Azkaban to help with the discussion.  (I take any excuse I can to talk HP and can for hours if allowed.)  Anyway, one of the biggest culprits of Anxiety and Depression is fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of dying, fear of not being enough, fear of people, fear of [enter yours here].  We all have fears whether or not we are diagnosed with Depression or Anxiety.  And some are harder than others to overcome.  

In the wizarding world, Riddikulus is a charm used to get rid of a Boggart, which is an object that shifts itself into what the wizard facing it fears most.  There is a scene where Professor Lupin,  Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, teaches this charm to the students.  The Boggart is housed in an armoire of sorts and the only way for the Boggart to change is for the student to point their wand and say "Riddikulus" while thinking of a humorous way to look at what the Boggart transforms into.  For example, Ron's, HP's good friend (again, for you non-harry potter fans), fear is spiders so naturally the Boggart turns into a giant spider but when he points his wand and casts the spell, the giant spider is on roller skates and is slipping all over the place.  Resulting in making the giant spider look riddikulus ridiculous.  

If we chose to look at our fears differently, perhaps they wouldn't be so scary or as overwhelming, no?  If we focus on what we can control, how we perceive said fear, the better chance of overcoming that fear will be.  We have much more control over our emotions than we give ourselves credit for.  But once you realize this, it is amazing what you will be able to overcome.  

Are you a Harry Potter fan?
What would the Boggart turn into if you were standing in front of it?

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  1. I love this - what a great way of thinking about it. I am currently using a riddikulus spell on someone I find difficult to cope with. I imagine her as a giant balloon and when I think riddikulus she pops helps no end and makes me smile on difficult days! :)

  2. Everything I've learned, I've learned from Harry Potter. So...yeah...HUGE HP fan over here. I'm not sure my Boggart could turn into a tangible thing. It's more of the little life fears, you know?


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