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Well, today is the second day of Spring and it snowed enough this morning to cover the ground here in Pittsburgh.  Luckily, it's already gone.  I seriously do not know how much more of that white stuff I can take.

Since getting back into running the last few months, I am excited to participate again in the second link-up of Runner's Tell All over at The Lady Okie.  Today's topic is My Favorite Running Gear.
 I knew today's topic would be an easy one.  My favorite running gear is my phone and earplugs. I never leave for a run without them.  There is just something about being alone with your thoughts with good music to help keep you moving.  

What is your favorite running gear?
Do you listen to music when you run?

Linking up with Amanda today!

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  1. I cannot run without my phone and some music too! :)

  2. I , just like you, can't run without music either. I have a tiny mp3 player I bought 10 years ago from KMart and it still works!

  3. I run with my phone, too! I usually listen to pandora when I run. I try to listen to today's hit or one of the high energy stations, but pretty much as long as there is some noise coming through the earphones, I'm set. Love your earphones!

  4. I love your earphone cord! I've tried running with my phone and listening to music/podcasts, but the cord always just ends up annoying me.

  5. I'm the same!! I absolutely have to have my music with me when I run - it helps clear my thoughts, get myself out of my own head, and generally just enjoy the physical activity. Plus I often discover new bands through my Songza app - win, win!!

  6. I agree--headphones are a big deal when running alone! I almost always run w/ one or two friends now, but when I run alone, I'd die without headphones. I listen to podcasts & not music, though.

  7. Oh my goodness WHAT is that awesome earplug cord? Did you make that? It's so cool. I have a hard time running without my ipod too. I just need something to listen to. Thanks so much for linking up!

  8. I love those headphones! They are so colorful. I agree music helps keep running going. Thanks for linking up with us!


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