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In September, the husband and I headed back to his Alma Mater, Penn State, to visit his sister and her boyfriend who just moved there in August.  We arrived late on Friday, drank lots of wine, and played a game of Cards Against Humanity.  

Somehow we were able to get out of bed at a decent time Saturday to take a walk around campus.  When I first started dating the husband, he was finishing his last semester there so I spent most weekends visiting but I still find myself getting confused while walking around campus and never really know where I am.  As much as I would have liked to have the big school experience, I know I would have never gone to class, especially when it was cold.  

I have not been to too many college campuses but of the ones I have been to Penn State is by far one of my favorites.  Although there have been a lot of additions since the husband has been in school, some of the buildings on campus are gorgeous and enriched with history.  Old Main is one such building and seems to be the center that holds it all together.  Our walk around campus lead us behind of Old Main where I was able to get some photos of the back.  

^the line waiting to get in the PSU Creamery for ice cream.  I have yet to try it because without a doubt there is a line that seems to always lead outside.  I mean I love ice cream, just not that much. 

After a few Big Azz margarita (or two) and nachos from Mad Mex, my MIL, SIL, and myself headed out for a little shopping then chat on Old Main's front lawn while the boys watched some of the PSU vs UMASS (PSU won by the way!).  While we chatted I got some photos of Old Main, but this time from the front.  

^I almost didn't notice this tree until my SIL pointed it out to me.  Love all of the initials carved in it.  I wonder if the husband and his ex's name are on there? hmmmm haha

After meeting back up with the boys we headed back to the house to recharge before dinner out and more drinks at Happy Valley Brewery.  We had such a nice time visiting and hope to be up again in the next few months to  catch a men's volleyball game. 
^There were some pretty incredible spider webs intertwined in my SIL's bushes in her front yard.  I pulled out my Macro filters I got off of Amazon and captured this close up of one of them.  How cool is that?  Be sure to stop by photography site and let me know if you like this photo better in color or black and white.

Where did you go to College?
What is the most beautiful campus you have ever been to?

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  1. LOOOVE these photos! And I have heard that the Creamery's ice cream is definitely worth the wait! ;-)

  2. Ooh! That last shot. I like it best in color. Also - macro filters! I'm thinking about buying one because I love macro, but I'm not sure. Thoughts?

  3. WOW! I am doing my masters at Penn State. I have never visited the campus though because I am doing it online. Good to see pictures of the campus!


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