I have been participating in a 365 photo project on Instagram (username: acornmanphoto365) since the New Year and Wednesday's prompt was red.  And knowing I was passing this barn on my way to work I knew exactly what I wanted to capture for the day's prompt.  
I know, I know.  Just another snow scene.  But this one has a red barn and clear blue skies.  I am not sure about you, but we don't see the above (especially clear blue sky) around these parts much.  

What did you capture this week?
What's the weather been like?

Linking up with Jess and Aimee today! 

until next time
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  1. While my favourite season is spring and early summer, winter is pretty photogenic!
    Stopping by to say hello from Photography Friday. Have a good weekend :)

  2. For those of us in the throes of summer, your 'just another' snow shot it quite nice to see! I love how the red just pops!

  3. What a wonderful shot!
    Nicely captured!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  4. Gorgeous shot! Love the bright red and blue together. What a lovely barn!

  5. The weather down here in Southern Germany is actually quite unusual for this time of the year! We hardly had any snow and today we had around 20°C so that we were actually having a barbecue outside...

  6. Very pretty shot! It's been way to cloudy around me for blue skies, we've had snow every other day for what feels like forever!


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