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My Dad has been sending me emails with links to beautiful photos of Fall in the Northeast from USA Today recently.  It's pretty cute.  He got me my first big camera so he knows how much I appreciate it. I have always wanted to hop in my car and spend a week or two - giving myself time to stop and capture the beauty of course - driving up the East coast in October.  The links he has been sending me only increase that desire. 
Source: Stiletto Escape via Google Images
Give me a cup of coffee surrounded by nature and I'll be happy.  I mean with views like this one how could I not be?! 

Have you ever been to Maine?
Have you ever driven up the East coast in October?

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  1. OH my gosh. Those colors are insane. I have been to Maine, but it wasn't in the fall unfortunately.

  2. Ah I miss this! I lived just across the border in Canada and autumn is my favourite season because of the colours!

  3. I live in New England so I'm lucky to have seen all the states during the fall! It certainly is beautiful this time of year :) You should definitely make the trip one year.

  4. I have ALWAYS wanted to live in Maine (or at least visit!) because of the autumn colors and wow! I can see I wouldn't be disappointed :)


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