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HELLO DECEMBER!  Where did you come from?  We are back in our house after two weeks at the inlaws because of a broken furnace and one week at my parents in STL for Thanksgiving.  It felt so good to be back in our warm house and bed Saturday night but we had a great week full of family.  I was sad to leave it all.  But now it is back to routine and real life.  And I don't hate it.  How was your holiday?

While away I did some thinking about how I wanted to spend the last month of 2014.  As much as I have enjoyed coming up with a blogging schedule and blogging on a regular basis, I decided to take the month of December off to refresh a little and enjoy the season.  And by enjoy the season, I mean watching Elf and Love Actually as many times as I can.  However, there a few goals I would like accomplish in December. 

blog related.  I would like a more clean and simple blog design.  I want to start sponsoring other blogs but need to do some research.  Any recommendations on who I should sponsor in 2015 who has helped your blog grow?  Read and take notes on all of the articles on blogging that I have pinned lately. 

health related.  Go to the gym and lift 3 times a week.  Also, continue to walk and run with friends even though I will want to stay inside and snuggle all day.  Eat a more strict paleo diet and limit my alcohol intake.  

photography related.  Update Etsy.  Explore Etsy for ideas on how to network and get my shop out there.  Post on Alyson Cornman Photography.  Start another 365 photo project.  Get prepared to bring back #capturingmymoments in 2015.  

and last but not least, be in the moment.  I love the holidays and really want to enjoy them this year.  They always fly by.  But if you miss me too much, be sure to head over to ACP, Etsy, Twitter, and Instagram to follow along. 

What are your goals for December?
What are you most looking forward to this month?
What are your favorite holiday movies?

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  1. Good luck with all of your goals this month, ours are pretty similar!

  2. Good for you for taking December off! The perfect time of year to have a little extra spare time to soak up the season. Best of luck with your goals for this month!

  3. These are great goals! Enjoy your month off :) happy December!

  4. I think it's a great idea to slow down right now. My acupuncturist recommended it for the winter months! I'm working on growing my blog too. I started it a while ago but am only now getting more scheduled. Best wishes!

  5. I keep asking myself the same question, how are we already in December?! Love Actually is one of my favorite movies. Enjoy your month off!


  6. Such a great idea to take December off and truly be in the moment! Blogging is fun but man, can it be time consuming. I have similar blog goals for 2015 - especially a new, clean design - so if you find a great one, let me know! Enjoy your time off :)

  7. so many good goals. my one goal for december is to also live in the moment. this is my favorite time of the year!


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