About a week and a half ago I was given an opportunity to photograph a gorgeous little girl, Jordyn. When I first go to her house, Jordyn was full of energy. I knew immediately it would be a good shoot. She is so happy and full of life! As soon as I got there she was dancing and "cheesing" for me. We spent the afternoon blowing bubbles, swinging on her swingset, dancing, playing, etc. I had so much fun!

Below are a few of the photos I took. I hope you enjoy!

Playing with bubbles! 
See how happy she is?
Loved her little shoes!  Thought this was just so precious. 
Look at those curls! Love it!
Showing off her dance moves!  And let me tell ya, she's got some moves. 
So Sweet
Isn't she just beautiful?!  Look at her eyes!  She could totally be a model.
Just so happy!
Yummmmmmm cupcake time for being good!
Love the rain coat!

Like I said before, I had so much fun with Jordyn.  And how could I not, right?  Isn't she just adorable?!?!?

Thank you so much for the opportunity, Lori!  It was so great to spend time with Jordyn and see you again.  Your family is precious!  I hope to see you again in the future!



  1. fantastic group. this is the hardest kind of photography for me.
    nikonsniper steve

  2. You take beautiful photos! So glad you visited my blog so I could find you. xx


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