Since getting my first "big" Canon for Christmas from my Dad I hardly leave home without it.  If not on me, at least it is in the bag near by.  Who knows what I might miss if I don't have it with me.  Taking pictures gives me a high that comes close to resembling the  euphoria I have experienced after completing a race.  And looking back through the photos I just took and seeing one or two or three (if really REALLY lucky) that blows my mind is such an amazing feeling.  

I love the outdoors and spending time in the sunshine.  One of the most beautiful things in nature is the sky and how quickly it can change.  It is often a reminder to me that time does not stand still and will continue to pass whether I am ready for it to or not so I had better appreciate as much of the moment as I possibly can.  

The first two photos here are pictures of a summer sky right before a storm.  I have seen a many gorgeous skies from our back deck.  I happened to see this sky while I was throwing away garbage (yes, we keep our garbage outside so it does not stink in the house).  I quickly ran back inside, most likely forgetting to throw away what I had meant to, to grab my camera to capture these moments:

I love the opening in the clouds.  Like there is hope. 

I edited this one a little more to get he blue-ish color
As some of you know, I work in Beaver, PA.  On my commute every morning I have to cross one bridge (surprising i know) to get there.  And there are many times where I have almost wrecked looking at the sky instead of paying attention to merging traffic to my right as I cross the bridge.  I am one who would much rather get my sleep but decided one Friday morning to get up an hour earlier than usual to photograph sunrise.  And boy, was it worth it don't ya think? 

I love how you can see the sun's rays

this one was taken from the dock at a park in Bridgewater.  I like how you can kind of see the dock's cleats.  

LOVE reflections!
I don't consider myself to be a religious person but how could someone not be moved when seeing something like this?  

Take care

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