what if...

"'Everything happens for a reason' 
is no reason not to ask myself
If you're living it right." 
-John Mayer : Why Georgia-

Last night Chris and I got to talking about what ifs.  You know, the what if this would've that happened kinda question.  He asked me if I regretted getting my undergraduate degree in Psychology.  Where did he think I would be if I had gone to school for say, photography?  He happened to ask me on a good day so my answer was "no, I do not regret it."  Is it any different today? No (and it wasn't necessarily a good day). I love people and have always found them to be fascinating.  Would I change a lot of things from my past?  Absolutely.  But would I be the person who I am today?  Probably not.  

If I had a chance, I would tell my 18 year old self:
  • Do not take life too seriously.  Laugh A LOT!
  • Girls make fabulous friends and will always be there for you when you need them.  Keep in touch with them. 
  • Study abroad - otherwise, who knows when you'll ever get over there.  
  • Study period.  There is a lot of interesting stuff in those text books and in what your professors tell you.  
  • You will disappoint your parents and yourself but everyone will get over it.  
  • Love yourself.  
  • Learn to enjoy cooking.
  • 28 years old is NOT old.  Not everything will turn out as you imagined when you were 8 but it does work out. 
Do I think I would have discovered my passion for photography without my love of people and Psychology?  Maybe but who knows.  I think my interest in people and Psychology has helped me to see others through the camera lens differently.  And for that I am more than grateful and would not change a single thing.  I believe I am living my life exactly how I was meant to live it.   

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