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Oh hey, July!  Where did you come from?  I have one favor to ask of you.  Please, pretty pretty please, do not go as fast as June went.  Much appreciated.  Thanks!

Anyway, I know I haven't been posting my recap of our California adventures like I said I would.  I haven't been in the mood.  Plain and simple.  Please do not take offense to that.  I haven't been in the mood for much these days except for reading, chillin' poolside, and drinking a gin & soda.  Preferably all three at the same time if I can help it.  

With that being said, I would like to take the month of July off from blogging.  Don't worry, I'll still be stalking all of you in the mean time.  I just need to take some time off to collect my thought, perhaps figure out where I want this here blog to go and focus more on my photography and re-open my Etsy shop.  I have a lot to look forward to this month and hopefully re-cap those moments along with my Cali adventure posts when I return in August.  I just didn't want to disappear on y'all.  I mean I would really hate to end up one of those missing persons signs or news segments when all I needed was some time off.  Because we obviously know y'all all would so very worried hehe. I hope you do decide to stick around and not give up on me quite yet.  I really have been surprised by how much I have enjoyed blogging on the regular for the last 6 months so I have every intention of returning.  Hopefully with a lot more to say and photos for your viewing pleasure.  

But before you go, check out June's #capturingmymoments Instagram photos.  These are some pretty talented folks, y'all. 
@ctomana * @principessaxox * @jennycorn11 * @diesel_girl_18 * @bustinjustin1986 * @andiepants15 * @bzlaforte * @_kellyscott * @kateholquist * @mrsfence. 

Be sure to check those folks out and follow if you'd like.  Who doesn't like more friends?  And as you may notice, in my tired/gin & soda induced haze I didn't add my correct IG handle in the collage above.  There is no man, just @acornphotography.  So if you want to follow along with this project and participate as well please be sure to follow me, I'll follow back as long as you aren't spam, so I can see your photos.  Spread the word too!  The more the merrier, right?  

Thanks to everyone who participates in this little project of mine!  I really do look forward to checking out what you are up through your eyes.  It's one of my favorite things about photography, being able to capture a second of time and being able to share it with others:)

But if you miss me that much feel free to follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or here, and Flickr for my 365 photos:) 

Until August
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  1. Woo! Month off! Um, where DID June go for real? This is getting ridiculous. Hope you're loving your month so far :)

  2. Hope your month off is going wonderfully!!! :-)


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