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Alyson's back, yeah.
Welp, July has come and gone. As did my month off from blogging.  Did I miss it?  Yes.  Did I love having more time?  Yes.  Will I do this again?  Most likely.  Did I do all I wanted to accomplish?  Absolutely not.  I made the silly assumption that I would have more time to do what I wanted to do but I hardly had any Alyson time, let alone any time to do anything I had planned.  Girl needs some her time.  But I am not complaining though because it was packed full of great memories celebrating 3 years of marriage with the husband at our favorite Mexican place in Pgh followed by a long weekend in Erie, spending more time with my favorite 4 & 1 year olds, celebrating a friend who is about to come a Mrs, and spending time with my parents in St. Louis.  So I cannot be that upset:)

I wasn't sure how I wanted to begin my first blog post back after a month off but since I have been wanting to post my bucket list somewhere I figured why the hell not.  Do I think you really care?  Not necessarily.  But being the nosy person I am, I have always enjoyed reading others' and have even gotten some ideas.  So here it goes (in no specific order).

*walk across the country
*visit all 50 states (been to AL, MS, TN, GA, FL, NC, PA, NY, IL, OH, HI, CA, CO, NY, MO, AR, and OR).
*hike the PCT (I mean have you read Wild yet?) and/or the Appalachian Trail.   
*explore Europe
*go to the Middle East
*visit all of the continents
*see the Grand Canyon
*see the Northern Lights
*speak another language
*live in another country
*hike Machu Picchu
*have children
*nanny/opare in a foreign country
*become fluent in American Sign Language
*complete a 13.1 under 2 hours. 
*complete a 26.2
*see London at Christmas
*wine and champagne taste in the countryside of France
*write a book
*sell my photos successfully
*grow this blog
*ride in a hot air balloon
*witness a hot air balloon race
*learn html
*master manual mode
*learn how to edit in Photoshop
*drive up the east coast in the Fall
*photograph Maine lighthouses
*attend a musical festival
*see Dave Matthews Band perform at Redrocks
*see icebergs
*renew our vows on a beach surrounded by both sides of the family
*complete a triathlon
*bike from Pgh to DC. 
*fill up passport
*go to Iceland
*make more time for girl time.
*complete a 365 photography project
*couch surf or house swap
*read camera manual
*increase vocabulary
*understand off camera flash photography
*go scuba diving
*bungy jump
*go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and/or Mobile, AL (the original). 
*hitch-hike up the West coast
*stop comparing
*go to Greece
*grow #capturingmymoments on Instagram
*announce and have a monthly link-up on the blog. 

I am hoping to cross off some of these within the next year.  And I am sure I will be adding some along the way as well:)  Do you have a bucket list?  What's on it?  Anything similar? 

Before I leave you though, I'd like to share my favorite July #capturingmymoments from Instagram with all of you.  As always, thanks to all of you who participated!  Keep up the great work!  I am continually blown away by the moments y'all capture!

Thanks for sticking around over the past month.  I did get a chance to write down some ideas for blog posts so keep a look out for those.  In the mean time, I must get back to posting my 365 project (I am so beyond on uploading these it's not even funny, ya'll) and Cali Adventures.  Hope everyone had a great July!  I am glad to be back and hope to share some ideas I have with y'all in the near future!

Until next time
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  1. Aly,

    I have a huge, long bucket list written in a journal that I take with me on long flights for updating/adding to. It also includes the list of all states/countries that I've been to so far!

    Mine includes many random things like stomping grapes and owning chickens so I don't have to buy eggs!

    Great post :)


    1. Angie,

      What a great idea to keep it all in one place! I should do that because I will be continually adding I'm sure (I mean, I have already added 3). That's what is so great about bucket lists, it can be whatever it is you want it to be:) I love the stomping grapes idea! And my husband has been trying to talk me into buying chickens for a while now. I am warming to the idea a little though because it would be so nice not to have to buy eggs anymore.

      Thanks for commenting:) Hope wedding planning is going well!



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