Capturing My Moments

As you may know by now, I love taking photos.  Like love love.  Although I haven't been carrying my DSLR around with me as much as I would like, my iPhone is rarely not on hand.  What I love most about the iPhones are the different apps for "iphoneography."  My favorite are Instagram and Hipstamatic.  When I wake up in the morning, the second thing I check is Instagram.  I love the ability to see so many peoples' amazing photos at the tip of my fingers.  It has allowed me the opportunity to be introduced to many new photographers and to be caught up with the different crazy but fun lives of friends and family I do not see often.

If you are not familiar with Instagram, it is a free photo sharing app for both iPhone and Droid users.  What I love most about it are the different filters available to add that extra something to your photo.  If I had to pick my favorite filters they would have to be Amaro, Rise, X-Pro II and Earlybird.  Instagram is similar to Twitter in that you follow people and have followers of your own.  And like Twitter, you can use hashtags so others you do not already follow or do not follow you see your photos by clicking on the hashtag.  Sometimes the hashtagging (is that how I should say it?) can get a little out of control but it is one of the best ways to build up followers if you choose.

With that being said, I have started a little "hashtag project" of sorts.  Like I have mentioned before, what I love about photography is the ability to capture a moment allowing you to have that moment forever.  After all, my slogan is "Acornphotography: Capturing Moments One Click at a Time."  I would love to see YOUR moments.  In order to do that, use the hashtag #capturingmymoments so that I see them.  Since I started the "project" I have seen 27 awesome photos.  I want to see more.  I want to see what you are up to during the day.  There is nothing better than getting that one shot which defines your moment perfectly.

Not on Instagram?  That's fine.  Send them to me on Facebook.  My Facebook fanpage can be reached here or click the tab "'Like' on Facebook" above.  Just use the same hashtag when you add them to my page.  I hope to see your moments soon!

Before I bid you adieu, here are some of my favorites that I have seen so far:

If you are on Instagram, make sure to follow these peeps for great photos of their moments.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  And of course, I cannot leave without asking you to follow me as well (i know, shameful) at @acornphotography.

Hope everyone has had a great week.  Week is almost over then it's the weekend.  WOOT WOOT!

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