Sandtana Senior Session

A few weeks ago I was given an opportunity to shoot Sandtana's Senior Portraits.  It was my first photo shoot of 2012 (and WOW I have missed shooting portraits).  Sandtana is a senior at Beaver Falls High School in Beaver Falls, PA.  While we talked throughout the shoot I learned she has a lot of interests and hopes to work with people one day.  She is such a sweet girl and great to work with.  I seriously see this girl going somewhere in life. 

I met Sandtana the day of the shoot.  She is a rather shy girl until I started talking to her and she opened up a little.  I had asked Sandtana if she had any poses in mind she wanted to do.  She kept saying, "Not really.  I'm not very photogenic."  Seeing her smile while she talked with me I knew that last statement was not true.  Once she got more comfortable in front of the camera she was all America's Next Top Model and busting out poses left and right!  I would give her some direction and she would just go from there.  I kept asking if she had ever modeled before.  Sandtana maintained throughout the entire afternoon that she had not.  The verdict is still out on whether or not I believe her ;)

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.  

This one is my favorite!  Doesn't she have the most beautiful smile?  And she said she wasn't photogenic.  Ha!  

America's Next Top Model for sure! 

I love reflections and was so thrilled to get this (how dorky am I to be excited about a reflection?)! 

What about you?  Do you believe she has NO modeling experience?  Yeah, I don't either (but shhhh)... 

It was so great to meet you Sandtana!  I had so much fun spending the afternoon with you.  You are such a great girl and wish you the best of luck in the next stage of your life!  

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