Manfrotto Pocket Tripod

Look what came in the mail today from Amazon!  My new toy for my trip to Scotland and Ireland in June!!!! 

What is it?  Well, my friends, it is a tripod that fits right in my little pocket.  You screw it into the socket on your DSLR or point-and-shoot then...
open the legs to stabilize your camera on an uneven surface for those situations where you want to get a photo with yourself in it OR in those low-light situations where you may need to increase the Shutter Speed.
And voila.. 

As a warning I at first had a hard time getting my camera to stay upright but all you need to do is adjust the little legs so it balances better and stays upright.  My favorite part: the legs fold so once you screw the little tripod to your camera's socket you can leave it on your camera and just unfold the legs whenever you want to use it as tripod!  Pretty neato, huh?  Great find for only like $30 dollars (including the shipping and handeling). 

It is not an uncommon sight to have packages on the front porch from Amazon.  It's always a nice surprise when I realize the package (which is usually for the husband) is for ME!:):):) 

What about you?  Have you made any new and exciting purchases recently?  

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