This week wasn't much better than last week.  I doubt it had nothing to do with my impending visit from aunt flow:-P  But, alas, it is the first warm Saturday morning in a while and I am already feeling much better.  Don't you just love waking up on mornings where it is already 65 degrees at 7?  I do!  It just makes me feel happy and hopeful.  I'm really not meant to live up north much longer.

Wednesday and Thursday nights are nights to myself because husband is in class until late.  Back in January we purchased a GoogleTV where we can browse the internet on the TV.  We have only basic cable but are now able to stream loads of shows from the shows websites or on Amazon.  Amazon introduced me to Downton Abbey (so disappointed I have to wait until Jan 2013 for another season) and I just finished watching Tudors.  My mother-in-law was also nice enough to give us her username and password to her HBOgo to watch Game of Thrones.  Since Game of Thrones is something husband and I watch together while he bikes on his trainer I was browsing the series section from the website.  And I  stumbled upon Girls.  And now I am obsessed.  Kinda like Sex and The City but I feel a more realistic take on what I would imagine living in New York City would be like.  If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.  And it's hard not to notice the great music played throughout the episodes.  Feist, Passion Pit, MGMT, LCD Soundsystem, etc.

In fact I was reintroduced to a favorite of mine from the 90s - Robyn.  Do y'all remember her?

One of her recent songs was played at the end of the last episode I watched - Dancing On My Own!  So catchy and maybe my new fav.  Who doesn't love to just get up and dance when the mood strikes? (please say I'm not alone) 

Oh, and Happy Cinco De Mayo! An excuse to get drunk off way too many margaritas.  But hey, I'll take it (even though I really don't need excuses).  Hoping to meet up with Jenny, my sister-in-law, for way too many margaritas at Mad Mex (if it isn't too busy) or making our own if it is too crowded.  First, husband and I get to watch a friend's baby for an hour or so while they treat themselves out to an early dinner.  Just between us, but I think husband is a little nervous:)  What are y'alls Saturday afternoon plans? 

Hope everyone is having a great day!  I love weekends and wish they would NEVER end.  

What I was up to last week through the lens of my iPhone

Happy 27th

Coke vs Pepsi


Raymond the ring leader 


his shadow
almost home

Ziva Princess


my shadow

from where I sit

just because flowers

Wednesday happy hour wine tasting remnants

front porch view


husband vs my take on Friday night relaxing drink

storms acommin'


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