Dublin Day 3

Our last day in Dublin was my favorite.  And it wasn't only because the sun and blue sky decided to show itself - although it did help.  It was our most productive touring day even if we were lagging a little because of a hangover or two.  The day before we made sure to make reservations to tour Dublin Castle so we went back there first.  Like Trinity College, pictures were not allowed inside here are some more photos of Dublin Castle grounds.

 I love the flags, cobble streets and of course GORGEOUS architecture.

En route to our second stop for the day we headed to St. Stephen's Green which is a public park in the center of the city.  One of my favorite things about Ireland (and Scotland) was how green everything was.  So even though I complain about all the rain throughout our trip it sure does make for beautiful scenery. 
One of the many entrances to the park.  Reminded me of Hansel & Gretel.  
Beautiful swans.  Did you know the Queen protects all swans (well Mute Swans to be more precise)?  Yeah, I didn't either. 
This one says "take one step closer and I will F your day up."  I believed him. 
This guy was feeding all the pigeons and swans.  Kinda cool and creepy at the same time.  Does this remind anyone else of the lady with all the pigeons in Central Park in Home Alone 2? 
This cool building greeted us as we left the park.  There's a tree growing on the side of it!
Stop #2 was St. Patrick's Cathedral.  It really is a beautiful church but so are a lot of the churches in Dublin - and even in the states in some cities.  While it was neat to see it in person I was not overly impressed.  I was however overly impressed with my sister Cameron's ability to translate a transcription from Spanish to English for us Americans.  I forget she minored in Spanish (do I have that right, Cam?).  

Park next to the Cathedral.  
Stop 3 was what made Day 3 in Dublin my favorite - Howth.  I was not much involved in the planning process leading up to our trip.  Cameron and Melissa took care of all that research - I have ADD and not really able to concentrate for long periods of time (like typing this blogpost is hard).  Howth is on the outskirts of the city but still considered to be Dublin.  It is a beautiful harbor town on a peninsula on Dublin's bay.  I heard of Howth from my mom's dear friend from HS, Elaine, who went there last year with her then boyfriend.  Her description of the city was exactly how I pictured Ireland to look like.  And I was not disappointed AT ALL.  Simply put: Breathtaking.

If you are ever in Dublin I HIGHLY recommend making the trip to Howth.  It's only an hour train ride from the city.  Full of B&Bs, restaurants, shopping and pubs.  If I ever head to that area again I would much rather stay in Howth than the city.

Lucky thing I wore my red Toms.  Helped identify who I was when I got separated from the rest of the group:)

Howth jumper. 

Howth sisters (and my awesomely bad side pony-tail).  
I love reflections.  I doubt everyone was excited to pause half-way up a hill for this photo opp. 

Imagine looking out your window with a view like that!!!  And check out their "fence" made from what looks like stone from the Middle Ages.   

After lunch we headed up a nice hill to climb and check out the cliffs.  Apparently there is a two hour hike around the cliffs.  Something I so very much wish we had more time for and one of the reasons I would love to return to Howth.  Isn't this gorgeous?  And look!  Blue sky!!!

What a great ending to a great first 3 days in a different country.  

Our last night in Dublin was a very calm one.  K and her Belgian went out to eat while the Brantleys stayed in and enjoyed Chinese.  Here are my last photos of Dublin. 

Millenium Spire
Walking back from ordering Chinese we didn't understand because it was still light out why everyone seemed so drunk.  It does not get properly dark there until 11 in the Summer!  That was very hard to adjust to.  
The next morning started out quite hectic.  Stay tuned for that story and Scotland... 


  1. What fantastic shots! I especially like the one you took on the hill of the houses where you can see the ocean in the background.

    You should enter in the Travel Supermarket Capture the Colour Photo contest. That one would make a great "Blue" entry!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

    1. Thanks! And thank you for the suggestion! I will have to check it out for sure.


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