Scotland Day 2

Day 2 in Glasgow was much more productive than Day 1.  Our host and hostesses took us for a tour of the city.  It was still rather chilly but no rain!  

Punch Bug ORANGE! 
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Down the street from where we were staying with Melissa's friends is a conservatory (don't know the name of it).  Melissa, K and Barry (and maybe Simon too?  Not sure if Barry and Simon were together then) visited it together a few years ago when K and Melissa visited Barry while she was in grad school at the University of Glasgow.  Since it was free (and who can argue with free) and to get away from the chilly weather we decided to head there for our first stop on our tour of the city.  

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I spy a stick (not stink) bug 
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How neat would it be to able to head to the conservatory to just relax, read and drink coffee (or tea in my case)?  
Fish creep me out.  

These reminded me of gushers. 
Hi Friends 

On our way to the University of Glasgow we took a detour because Simon wanted to show us some of the gorgeous homes in the city.  Can you believe these are actually houses people live in?

We walked along Ashton Lane which is a popular bar spot for Glaswegians to go to.  I loved the lights hanging above.  I was hoping to go back at night to get some good photos but we never got the chance. Bummer.  Maybe next time;)

I love the different ways the Scottish/British use "Wee." 

University of Glasgow is the most beautiful university and building I have ever seen.  I loved the architecture and the detail.  Such detail.  And of course I got excited because the grounds reminded me so much Harry Potter.  And I love Harry Potter.  Like a lot.  (just in case you have forgotten)

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Since Simon and Barry were unable to take off the time while we were visiting we took advantage of the time we all had together as much as we could.  And since Simon had to work that night we decided to walk with him to his pub where he cooks amazing meals (sorry I cannot remember what is was called) for drinks, dinner and trivia.  

While over in Scotland I rediscovered my love for hard cider.  They have some of the best I have ever tasted.  And since I am allergic to gluten and dairy this was a great substitute.  Unfortunately, also filled with loads of calories.  But I was on vacation:) 

Photobooth action
Although we did not win trivia, it was a great day and I loved seeing the city.  Thank you to our tour guides Simon, Barry and K!  

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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