Scotland Day 1

The morning we were to leave for Scotland started off a bit rough.  We had an 9 something flight with a cab coming to pick us up at 7.  However, since I was the one in charge of setting the alarm and completely forgetting to do so, rushing around to pack, pick up and get dressed made for a crazy morning.  Luckily Cameron woke me us around 7:30 and we were all out the door by 8.  We hailed a cab, explained our predicament to the cab driver (who was awesome) and got there in 10 minutes.

He asked us where we were from in the states.  I told him Pennsylvania.  He asked if I lived in Philadelphia.  A little insulted (but understanding he wouldn't know any better) I answered Pittsburgh.  He then asked if I lived in the country.  I answered no that Pittsburgh was on the other side of the state from.  I said it took about 5 hours to drive from one side of the state to the next.  His response: "For F*cks Sake!!!" (in an Irish accent obviously).
Alas, we arrived to the airport and made our flight with additional costs and having burned a few calories from running through the airport with our luggage we met up with K (who had been there since 6ish to see her Belgian off) and arrived safely to Glasgow.  We got to K, Barry and Simon's (which originally brought us over) around 11, dropped our bags off, relaxed for a little then headed out in the rain (yet again) to visit Barry at work.  Barry works at The Hunterian  on the University of Glasgow Campus as a curator in the Mackintosh House as part of the Mackintosh Collection.  It was great to see her even if it was for 15 minutes.

Afterward, she suggested we check out another museum (I cannot remember the name of it since it was back in June and I was rather exhausted) on the campus.  Since it was raining and not far to walk we decided to do that.

Dont' know who this woman is but way to ruin a photo lady!
These reminded me of my Great-Gran (my Great Grandmother).  She loved nature and had butterflies displayed like this of all different colors and sizes in the hallway outside of her apartment.  I could almost smell the peppermint:) 
Wonky street lines outside of the Univeristy. 
Since it was raining again and we had some time to kill before Barry and Simon (Barry's fiance) were off work we headed to a bar for a few drinks and a late lunch.  My first introduction to Aspall Cider.  Delish!

Since it was still raining and getting close to when Barry was getting off work we headed back to the flat to dry off.

View from a bridge
Flat window. 
Besides our crazy start to the day, our first day in Scotland was pretty chill and uneventful.  A nice change of pace from the constant going in Dublin. 


  1. Glad you made it to the airport and that the cabbie understood! In Paris, if I said I was in a rush, it's almost guaranteed that he'd NOT understand, make a comment, and take his time. So good thing you were stuck in that predicament in Scotland, not P-Town!

    I'm loving your Eurotrip! It looks like you are having a great time, and are in great company! : )

    1. Seriously! I'm not sure if my sisters would have ever forgiven me if we hadn't made that flight. Thank god the Irish are so nice!

      Glad you are enjoying my posts from my trip! I can't wait to return to Europa:)


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