Scotland Day 5

I have decided to take advantage of the time husband is distracted by the first Penn State game of the year to share with you photos of our 5th day in Scotland.  

We got back from Oban (posts here, here and here) around 9 and headed straight to the flat to sleep to only get up early the next morning to check out Luss, Loch Lomond with the whole crew - K, Simon, Barry, Cameron, Melissa and I.  The bus trip to Luss was beautiful.  Beautiful countryside is a great distraction from a bus filled with stale air and my feeling car sick (luckily it was only an hour drive).  

Our reason for heading to Luss, Loch Lomond was a Groupon Melissa found for an hour speed boat tour on the lake.  The town of Luss is absolutely adorable!  Cute little shops with different types of Tartan for sale.  It's official, I am now obsessed with Tartan.  I bought an adorable tartan dress/skirt for a friend's little girl.  How cute is that?!

How CUTE are these little guys? 
While we waited for our boat tour to begin I walked around - almost getting blown over - and got some photos of the lake with the beautiful hills in the background.  Of course it was overcast and chilly so the photos don't really do the scenery justice.  

The boat tour was so much fun and our guide was awesome!  Scottish accents just make a man talking sound so much more interesting.  Cameron, Melissa, and I (and Barry a little later) were smart enough to sit in the back of the boat away from the wind and water sprays.  Simon and K ended up getting soaked.  We just laughed from the back.  

Here is one of (if not the) the most expensive golf clubs in Scotland.  Something like 150,000 pounds to join and annual fee of 50,000 pounds.  Insane.  Bill Clintion and Clint Eastwood are some of the celebrities who belong.  Didn't see anyone though.  Bummer. 

Heading back to Luss
Simon's bum. 
While we dried off we walked around looking for a place to grab lunch and came across these guys:

"You can't tell but I'm mooning you guys" - if you get this reference you are my new favorite person!

We waited and waited and waited and waited (because service in Scotland is absolute shit - they don't work for tips) for our lunch.  Luckily we had a lovely view. 

After what took us like 2.5 hours at lunch we grabbed some yummy ice cream and headed back to the bus stop to grab a ride back to Glasgow

Of course the sun comes out as we head home!

Another great day!

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