Scotland Day 6: Edinburgh

Soooo I was really excited for our day trip around Edinburgh.  And not because of how nice I heard the city was.  But because it is where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter and based her vision of Hogwarts from Edinburgh Castle. Go ahead and judge, I don't care:)

And of course it rained the entire day.

We headed up the Royal Mile to tour Edinburgh Castle.  Beautiful cobble streets lined with beautiful buildings. 

I was slightly disappointed in our tour of the castle as it was more of a museum and I'm not a really a museum-y type gal.  You know, Ive got the ADD.  Being that it rained and was very chilly didn't help. 

We were also very hungry (which of course definitely did not help) so we headed into a pub to dry off and grab lunch before we did a little more walking around.  

St. Giles Church
And then FINALLY! My Graceland...

We went in to get some Elephant cookies but the line was too long so we decided to come back later.  Unfortunately, they were already closing up shop even though the sign outside the shop said they were open for another 20 minutes and people were still in the shop enjoying their tea.  BOO!

Apparently it is good luck if you spit on the Heart of Scotland.  So Melissa did.  

Sorry for the short and not so great descriptions in this post.  Since it rained our entire day there I was only able to use my iPhone (which was quickly running out of storage space).

Even though it did rain, I still really enjoyed the city and feel I was able to appreciate it's beauty.  From what I hear from talking with friends later over drinks there are actually more Harry Potter-ish touristy things to do there so here's to hoping for a next time...  

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