Dave Proposes!

About a month ago I got a Facebook message from my friend Christine's boyfriend, Dave.  In the message he asked me to call him when I got a second because he had a question to ask me.  And since I knew they had been talking about it for some time, I knew he was going to ask me to photograph him proposing to her.  Of course I was thrilled and so excited to be a part of the next step in their relationship!  My second reaction was panic - how am I going to photograph the proposal without Christine seeing me?  I hope I get at least one good shot that expresses the moment.  As the day arrived my nerves started to get the best of me as I wanted everything to go perfect (I am always more nervous for shoots with friends). I can only imagine how Dave felt.

Christine was getting back from an epic weekend with her sister in Miami on that Sunday night so Dave wanted to meet her at the airport where he would get down on one knee to ask the big question.  He knew he did not want much too much attention so he wanted to be as secluded as possible.  We got down to the baggage claim area (even though Christine carried her luggage on with her) and discovered baggage claim E was completely deserted.  Perfect!

And the rest is history....

The only thing either one of them remember is Dave saying: "You are my world..."  I think that's a pretty good thing to remember:) 

Even though Christine did see me I'd say it turned out quite nice.  

To say I am so excited for y'all would be such an understatement!  Y'all are the best and make such a beautiful couple!


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