One of the reasons (besides his good looks) I married my husband is because he makes me laugh.  I don't think there is a day that goes by that he doesn't make me smile - even if it's not intentional.

For my last birthday (almost a year ago) my sisters got me these awesome lenses from Photojojo for my iPhone.  A tiny telephoto lens, fish-eye lens and macro lens/zoom lens (a two-in-one kinda deal) all that fit in my pocket and attach magnetically to the iPhone camera lens.  I opened them at work so you can only imagine how productive I was.  I was able to zoom in on my bling to make it look it huge and zoom in on a subject without having to move.

Little did I know that there was yet another treat inside the package.  When I opened the packaging a tiny dinosaur popped out.  At first I was all like "huh?  this must be some kind of a mistake." It wasn't until I read the invoice that I noticed that in addition to the 3 lenses listed there was a fourth "Rawwwwwr" listed.  It may have taken me longer than should have been necessary to realize the dinosaur was not in fact a mistake but a free gift from Photojojo.

When I got home that afternoon and showed the husband what I got we laughed about the little surprise dinosaur.  As with most random things, our new little dino friend sat on the steps going upstairs until one morning I was getting ready for work a week or so later and went to grab some TP and noticed our new friend just chillin'.  My husband is so sly.

It then became a game of "where in the house is dino"?  Husband would wait just long enough to put  dino somewhere else to surprise me.  And every time I would laugh.  

This was at my coworkers bday party in OH.  He brought the dino with him.

discovered while packing for Cali

After a while the dinos started to change.  And at first I got a little excited thinking that maybe just maybe husband bought me something from Photojojo.  But sadly accepted the reality that wasn't the case since the dinos changed from the blue guy to a Pterodactyl to a Stegosaurus and to T-Rex. 

Husband actually ordered the different dinosaurs from Amazon and kept them in his sock drawer where I wouldn't find them.  I haven't randomly found a dino in a while but know he will re-appear soon to bring another smile to my face. 

I love Photojojo and the different products they have for sale.  I bought this from them this summer for underwater pictures and really want this (anyone wanna buy it for me?) that just came out.  If you love iPhonetography as much as I do this site will not disappoint.  

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