Well, sorta.  Last night as I was browsing my Instagram photos in a hungover and exhausted trance I stumbled upon a photo that I took 27 weeks ago at my in-laws on a lovely Spring afternoon.  What caught my attention the most about this photo was a comment that had been left.  As I read it I remembered it (as I did also respond to it at the time) and got really excited.  It was Dalton Diehl from a band called Samestate asking me to use the photo in a video for their new single "Shadows."  My response: "Are you serious?!? Of course you can!"  

Being that I have ADD and easily distracted (oh look something shiny...) I promptly forgot about this request until I re-read it again last night.  So of course I immediately went onto YouTube to find the video for the single but was a quickly disappointed to see that no photos had been used.  At first I felt a little hurt thinking that they lied or something.  It wasn't until further investigation that I stumbled upon this other video that did in fact have MY (shown a few times!) photo along with loads of other beautiful photos of people's take on shadows.  

Samestate - Shadows (Fan Shadow Pictures)

What a lovely 27 weeks later surprise on a Sunday night!  

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Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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