cali adventures {palo alto}

Our Cali adventures started off with a 330am wake-up call for a 6am flight.  Haven't been up that early since  my brief employment with American Eagle airlines in November & December.  Waking up at 330 to go to the airport for a California adventure is so much cooler than waking up at 330 to go to the airport to work, let me tell ya.    
Not bad for being up since 330, huh?  And I just noticed that the husband tends to always look to his left when taking photos. I mean, what is that about (in my best Chandler)? 

We were so very lucky to have a vacant seat next to us (and get upgraded to Economy Plus seats, what what) so we were able to stretch out a little to get some shut-eye.  
Unfortunately we were not as prepared as this guy.  He knows what's up.  And I only tease because I was actually really jealous of his preparedness.  

Our flight took off on time, was a smooth ride the entire, and even arrived a little early.  Miracles do exist in the airlines.  Since we got in a little earlier than anticipated, we had to wait a little for my sister, M, to pick us up so we grabbed a cup of coffee in the airport before heading out to wait.  

(And can I tell you how strange it is to travel back in time.  We arrived around 830, which for us was 1130, and was slightly confused as to why everyone was just eating breakfast.  It can trip you out for a little.)

Anyway, M had just come off a 12 hour night shift from the hospital so she was hungry and craving a good diner breakfast.  Who were we to argue? A good diner wouldn't be complete without 1970s blue booths and an American flag, don't ya think?  

M decided she would stay up with us, so husband and I had no excuse to complain about being too tired to do anything, so she showed us around her new city of Palo Alto.  She lives 2 blocks from University Ave where everything from local bars & restaurants to chain stores are located along a tree lined street.  I am not sure if it is the lack of humidity or not, but I swear California air is just feels cleaner.  

We we were starting to fade a little so husband suggested we find a park to hang out in and get reacquainted with the earth (apparently walking barefoot on the ground/grass can cure jetlag).  And much to my surprise it did help.  We just sat and caught up on everything that has been going on in our lives.  Which for us, is not much.  

M pulled out bubbles because that is the most obvious thing to pull out of your purse while at the park, right? 

Loved the pink petals on these steps.  I am such a sucker for anything pink. 

We then headed back to M's to change into our swimsuits in the hopes of finding an open pool to relax in.  However, since it was a Tuesday and I am assuming the kids weren't out of school yet, none of the public pools were open to the public.  M even used her Stanford University hospital ID to get us passes to the Stanford University pool.  Again, to no avail.  But damn, do they have nice facilities. 
Us still smiling after our two failed attempts at finding a pool.  After getting yelled out for almost walking on the track, we decided to sit and watch some of the track and/or cross country runners practice.

the flags from the different schools in Stanford's Pac12 conference.  

At this point we were all pretty hungry so we headed to Trader Joe's for groceries and decided to just have a dinner of cheese, sausage, and crackers with 5 bottles a LOT of wine on M's little patio right outside her apartment.  She made some of the best brie I have ever had.  
The view from where we sat eating and drinking and eating and drinking.  Not bad, huh?  Clear blue skies are all I need to qualify for a nice view. 

Our goal was to try to stay awake until 8.  M's friend from work came over so we had more wine, jammed to the 90s Spotify station and played games until almost midnight.  And since husband made us all take vitamins before bed none of us woke up with a hangover.  A real holiday miracle! 

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  1. This looks like so much fun...love your pictures!!

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