We're back from our California adventures.  I am still not quite sure how to feel about that yet. I had so much fun seeing a part of the country I have never seen, or probably wouldn't have seen if it wasn't for my sister, but I am so glad to be back home in my bed with my routine.  Does that make me sound really old? Speaking of sounding old, I got sick the last three days of our holiday.  Apparently this 30 year old cannot handle a 10+ mile hike through the Redwoods one day followed by a day of wine country the next.  Those first two days were by my favorite though so I wouldn't take them back for anything:)

After spending all of yesterday catching up on sleep, damn red-eye #jetlagisanevilbitch, I have spent today catching up on laundry and organizing photos from the trip.  I made a conscious effort this trip to take more in with what the good lord gave me instead of constantly hiding behind a lens which resulted in me only taking about 500 photos; both iPhone and DSLR combined.  So until I go through and edit images from our adventures here are a few of my favorites taken with my go-to iPhone.  
10+ mile hike through Redwoods in Big Basin. 

Napa Valley from Miner Family Winery

Husband and I being touristy in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Driving back over the bridge after a 2 mile hike in Muir Woods.

Luckily I brought a journal with me to write down the details of our adventures so until I get through the photos, I will share more of our holiday.  Now it's time to get back to de-toxing and laundry.  Stay tuned tomorrow for 2 weeks worth of 365 photos.  

Until then, 

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  1. ahhhh, that sucks that you got sick, love! but at least you got some freaking GORGE pictures out of the trip ;)

  2. sounds like an awesome vacation, even if you did get sick at the end!

    I was literally just in san fran/redwoods/Anaheim CA last week :)

    my first time,too,and I liked it!


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