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As I mentioned on Saturday, the husband and I headed into the great 
city of Pittsburgh to see our favorite band, Bloc Party, play for 
the first (at least that we are aware of) in Pitt.  And just like the other shows 
we have been to, they  did not disappoint.   They played at Mr. Smalls which is a 
small concert venue converted from a church in Millvale, PA.  The venue is owned
by Rusted Root - who is local to Pitt in case you didn't already
know that:).  We have been there once to see Blind Pilot Winter 2012.  
I love it for it's intimate atmosphere but for us old foggies, it can
be hard on the back, legs & feet from standing and dancing
for too long.  I am always curious to see who turns out for 
shows like this one.  I know Bloc Party has a decent
following but was surprised by how young the crowd was. Hipsters. 
Alas, I was, and I hope the same goes for the band, pleased 
with the turnout and do hope they return to Pitt for shows
in the future.  I told husband last night that I would really like 
to go see them in their hometown of London sometime.  So I guess
the next thing to is either a) when the lottery and/or b) sell myself
for that trip.  I kid. I kid.  

Us Burghers take pride in the view the city of Pitt.  In my humble opinion, no matter where you are driving in from, there is not a bad view of this city.  
And one of these days I am going to learn how to adjust photos so they look nice and even.  Anyone want to just teach me?

See where that arrow is pointing?  Yeah, that is the lead singer.  Who walked right past me.  But guess who was too busy taking photos to realize?  Yeah, me.  Bummer.  And of course husband was trying to play it all cool so he didn't stop them to tell them how much we love their music. 

Us:)  And he is actually smiling.  Isn't he the cutest/most handomest?   

They didn't play this song last night, did in September when we went  though, but I fell in love with it on our drive home from the show.  
Bloc Party - "The Healing"

Okay, now it is time to shower, clean a little, and PACK!!! for our
trip to Palo Alto tomorrow!  I have a feeling this day will just drag.
Luckily I get to spend it with my two most favorite 4 and 1 year old girlfriends:)

See y'all when I get back!  If you want to follow our adventures:
Instagram: @acornphotography
Twitter: @acornmanphotog

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  1. Wow! You are linking up with a little bit of everything this Monday. Lol. Just found you through Peacoats & Plaid. Cute blog.... I have to check out this band because i don't think I've heard of them before.

  2. Looks like a great time! I bet if I went to a concert like that I'd get the strained back and legs too. Attending concerts just isn't as easy as it was! haha.

  3. Great song. I love live concerts! I can tell y'all had fun from the pics. Enjoy your trip!

    Linking from Musical Monday,
    Ricki Jill


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