what the duck?

Soooo there is a giant blow up rubber ducky chillin on the Three Rivers of Pittsburgh.  I don't really get it but apparently it was a big deal in Sydney, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.  I mean what is so exciting about an oversized duck you may ask?  I wish I could tell you.  But since I was starting to feel left out from seeing all of the Facebook and Instagram posts of this duck I decided to check it out for myself on Saturday. 

I decided to make a small workout out of it so I parked where the husband used to work (and where we usually park for Steelers and Pirates game because it is free and there is no traffic to sit in when we are leaving) to make the approximate mile trek into the city on the North Shore Riverfront trail.  Since I finally found my big  camera's battery charger I brought the ole girl with me to snap photos along the way. 
Like my new camera strap?  My sister MADE it for me for my birthday!  I decided to wear it on the blue side since my shirt (which my other sister gave me!) is pink.  The other side is pink.

There it is! 

Pittsburgh city skyline 

It was a cluster f*ck of people.  And they were always getting in the way of me trying to get photos.  Some of these people have seriously traveled from all over to see this duck.  My SIL told me that she talked to people who made the drive over from Delaware, which according to google maps is a 5.5 hour trip, on a Sunday just to see it.  Still don't get it.  And I am not sure I ever will. 

"That's a big ole duck!" 

I felt pretty bad for these guys.  They are obviously used to all of the attention until the giant yellow blow up guy (or could be a girl I suppose) showed up.  Dick. 

I enjoyed my 4 mile trek to and around the city.  Even though I still don't get all of the hoopla behind the giant duck, I am glad I did.  It's like going to the top of the Statue of Liberty or the STL Arch, you get to say you did it, ya know? 

Have you heard of this duck before?
What strange things has your city had?

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  1. THANK you! I thought it was just me that didn't get what all the fuss was! I would not have driven home to see that duck for sure.

    1. Yeah, save the trip for something better! I am just glad I am also not the only one. I still laugh when I think about it.

  2. We have a Nessie type creature in one of our lakes in Minneapolis. I kinda want to see it up close, but I'm afraid of kayaking.

    And can I just tell you, I love looking at your photos. :)

  3. Wow I love your photos! I am so glad you comment on my blog, your blog is so lovely! That is interesting about the duck. And I am majorly impressed with your sister for making that adorable camera strap!


  4. if you ask me, the dino is cooler

  5. That giant rubber ducky is beyond awesome!! Love that back shot of his tush too! Haha! I wonder if the real ones floating about were jealous....

    Great photos! Happy Autumn to you!

    1. Yeah, they were being pretty needy and demanding a lot of attention of everyone so I had to give them their chance:)

      And thank you and ditto!


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