catching up {+ FBF cohost}

I know I have been absent around here for the past 2 weeks.  Instead of blogging I have been watching The Good Wife, doing laundry, catching up on photos, and watching more of The Good Wife.  Anyway, I finally got around to uploading my photos from our trip to Asheville, NC over the long holiday weekend.  Below is one of my favorites I took while walking around the Asheville Botanical Gardens
The boys were sitting in the sun while I walked around to grab some shots.  There was a significant patch of these beautiful and brilliant flowers so I spent the next five minutes photographing them.  While I think most consider these little guys weeds, I find them to  be beautiful.  The green and bright yellow scream Spring.  I really like the bokeh affect of the different colors as well.  

What are some of your favorite moments you captured during the week?

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  1. I love your photo. My daughter and I really love those little yellow flowers (weeds?) Thanks for co-hosting!! :)

  2. sometimes things like the Good Wife just get in the way of blogging and that is a-okay

  3. Something about yellow that speaks to my soul :)

  4. I love yellow as well! And Botanical Gardens are always so much fun. :)


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