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^ coffee, library book, and Sunday morning sunshine & warmth are just a few of my favorite things. 

How was everyone's weekend?  I spent my Saturday on the couch watching Harry Potter.  I have had this weird pain on my upper back into my arm that hasn't gone away.  The husband massaged me on Saturday after work which helped a little but it's still there.  Hoping it goes away in the next few days with a few more massages.  Otherwise I may have to actually visit the doctor.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do much in the way of running last week.  I hope this week is different. 

My goals for this week are:
I will... swap my Winter/Summer clothes.  I think Spring/Summer is finally here so it's time to make the switch.  I hate doing it though.  Such a pain.  BUT it's nice to be reminded of all the clothes you actually have.  It's like a whole new wardrobe.
I will... upload my 365 and #my_365 photos to the computer.  Due to my excessive picture taking (#photographerproblems), we had to get a new hard drive because our Mac ran out of space.  I haven't been able to upload anything in over 2 weeks so I have a lot to catch up on.  Now, I just need to bug the husband to install the hard drive. 
I will... go through 3 months worth of photos and videos of my girlfriends for the project I am working on for their families.  The computer wouldn't let me do much due to the lack of space on it. 
I will... keep eating low carb & sugar.  I binged a little toward the end of last week and felt like crap.  I just need to remember that feeling and hopefully that will keep me on my toes. 

What are your goals for the week?
Did you have a good weekend?
How did you celebrate Mother's Day?

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  1. isn't it crazy how once you stop eating bad foods, it makes you feel not well after you do..BUT then you forget that bad feeling so easily and eat them again (or maybe that's just me)

  2. Great idea to swap your clothes out for the new season! I'm constantly finding myself digging through sweaters to get to other things when I know it's 90 degrees the entire summer! I might have to join you on this one! Have a great week!!

  3. Yikes! I am too very behind on transferring photos from my phone to computer. #procrastinationatbest I will be putting on my productivity cap tomorrow (since it's public holiday) and "work along side" with you on this. Heh. Good luck!

  4. You should definitely go to the doctor if your back/arm doesn't get better. I got really bad pain in my neck and upper back traveling down my arm last fall. It turned out to just be an inflammation and multiple pinched nerves but it took several months of physical therapy to get rid of.

  5. Good for you trying to eat healthier! I'm really trying to do this more this week too-- you just feel so much better!

  6. So agree with eating low carb and less sugar, I myself had a moment of weakness yesterday when work was so overwhelming I had to go out and grab instant Indonesian style cup noodles, two bars of Hershey's Cookies and Cream and a can of instant Mocha from the convenience store and ate it all (just a bar of the chocolate mind you) before I could even work again. Not one of my shining moments.

    Living in SIngapore and well Southeast and Middle East Asia for all my life I've never had to go through changing wardrobes, must be an interesting endeavour.

    Good luck on sorting out your photos.




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