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When I am a little early to see my girlfriends I like to take the scenic route.  The night before it stormed pretty good and as I was driving I noticed the fog hovering over the valleys.  I took my favorite scenic route and when I turned the bend and saw the Sun shining behind the trees I had to stop and capture her beauty.  Makes me feel as though I am lost in a fairy tale.  

I just wish it had been taken with a better quality camera (it was taken with my iphone).  This would be beautiful blown up onto a canvas, don't you think?  

How was your week?
What are your favorite moments you captured?
What camera do you use?

Linking up with Jess, Kayleigh, and Aimee today!

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  1. I love photos of the sun shining through the trees and this one is gorgeous!

  2. taking the scenic route is always the best choice

  3. What a gorgeous picture! Visiting from #FBF

  4. This is such a beautiful photo! It's so peaceful looking! I totally agree it would make an awesome canvas!

  5. Don't you just feel like kicking yourself when you see a great photo and you don't have your "big" camera? I do. Ha! It's still a beautiful photo though!

  6. Great shot! Stumbled here from This Darling Day's link up! :)


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