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Happy Monday everyone!  Another weekend has come and gone way too fast.  How was your weekend?  Not much happened over here.  Since the husband works Saturdays, I was pretty productive doing and putting away laundry, writing blog posts, and cleaning.  I was supposed to go for a walk with a friend early but wasn't feeling 100% so decided to cancel.  Luckily, she is very understanding!  (hi Barb!)

Yesterday the husband and I took AB, the 5 year old girl I nanny for, to the pool for a few hours.  Seriously, that girl.  She never ceases to amaze me.  She is getting so confident that it both makes me so happy and a little sad.  But only sad because she is growing up WAY too fast.  I tell her all of the time that she needs to stop growing.  Her response?  "I can't help it."  Touche girlfriend, touche.

And since it's another Monday, I need to get my shiz stuff together and get back on track.  I am starting back slow this time.

Goals for the week:
tv | I have made a bad habit of binge watching shows on AmazonPrime once I get home.  I need to spend more time outside either reading, going on a photo walk, exercising, or doing anything else really.  TV just rots my brain. 
instagram | I have been in a bit of a funk lately and I have a feeling seeing everyone's amazing Summer adventure photos has me all caught up in that evil comparison game.  I need to spend less time mindlessly browsing my feed.  Once a day.  That's it.
appointment | make an appointment to see about a few things.  Don't worry, nothing serious:)

How was your week?
What are your goals for the week?

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  1. Always too fast on the weekend, I have tried to limit my social media comparison lately too- it gets a little depressing and I start to feel as if I haven't accomplished anything!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  2. I wanted to be way more productive this weekend than I actually was but I decided to forfeit productivity to spend a bit of quality time with the family. I love those Saturday mornings spent planning and cleaning ( SUCH a Type A)

  3. Ha! I chuckled when you said you need to get your shiz together! :) I've also picked up a nice habit of binge watching netflix when I should really be doing a number of other things!! Wishing you a great, productive and FUN week!


  4. I feel ya on the TV binge (my most recent obsession is House, MD). I feel like 20 times worse about myself after watching for a few hours. And I don't even know why I do it!!! I have so many fun and more important things to do? Why do I waste my life away like that? It's changing though. I'm getting better. We can do it!!!

  5. It's scary how fast a day can get by and we gets on TV and/or social media so much that we don't even realised until the very later part. I hope everything is well on your end and good luck!

  6. Good luck with your appointments. lol I binge watch all the time. So many good shows or watching Boys Meets World :p

    Thanks for linking up with MMG!


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