50s? In January? In Pittsburgh?

Friday was a very rare day in Pittsburgh.  The temperatures got up to the mid to uppers 50s.  Virtually unheard of in this area in January.  After spending the first 8 hours of my day in the "Lower Level" (aka basement/dungeon as my coworkers and I like to call it) at work I decided to head out for some fresh air around my neighborhood.  There is a trail about two blocks from house that I thought would be a nice place to get a small hike in and to get the blood flowing while taking photos.  

Here are some of the photos I captured on my walk:  

As much as I do love having unseasonably warm weather in January, I do not particularly care for the bare tree branches that are a result of the warmer weather.  They are much prettier covered with colorful leaves or snow. 

These two were my favorites of the afternoon!  I love the sun shining through these little flowers.  Does anyone know what these plants/flowers/buds are called?  Unlike my Dad, I am not familiar with my plants. 

As I was heading back home, started to get a little chilly, I cam across a play ground.   And I couldn't resist playing a little.  

Yes, I went down the slide.  And as you can tell, doesn't look like I had the smoothest of landings...  

Winter here in the Pittsburgh area has been pretty mild with not many consistently cold days thus far.  Although you won't often get complaints from me about the weather being too warm I do find it hard to really enjoy these days knowing in the back of my mind 1) it won't be lasting much longer and 2) we have another 3 to 4 or 5 long months until the warm weather gets here and stays.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend and good Monday.  I know for many of you, like me, this is your first full week in a while.  I hope it isn't too painful!:)


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