Friday Photo Dump

A few weeks ago I was reading the different blogs I follow and found a nice idea to get rid of photos from my iPhone:  Friday Photo Dump.  I first saw it on Our Life In A Click's blog and fell in love with the idea.  I take SO many photos and videos with my phone and have been needing a reason to delete them from phone.  I am so sick of getting that annoying "there is no more space on your phone for ANOTHER photo" message when I go to take a photo that I am so sure, at least in that moment, I will never get another chance to capture.  Sound familiar?

Here's this week's Friday Photo Dump:

I used Picnik to make this collage.  

Happy Friday everyone!  Any fun plans this weekend?  For those of you who are in the part of the country that have gotten, or are predicted to get, snow you should bundle up, go outside and take some photos of what you see!  Snowy scenes are one of my favorite things to photograph.  Just sayin' ;)

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